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Good homecooking

Good home cooking

You have been believers so long now that you ought to be teaching others. Instead, you need someone to teach you again the basic things about God’s word. Hebrews 5:12

I have three sons who can really put down some food. I’ve been told when they become teenagers, I’ll have to take out a loan just to feed them, and I believe it. It’s nothing for them to eat their way through two large pizzas, drink a half-gallon of milk, and then want something for dessert. Obviously they are past the stage of needing just milk, but they are not able to prepare their own meals. They simply show up at mealtime and eat whatever is placed before them, unaware of the effort it took.

Maybe this is where you are in your walk with Christ. You want solid spiritual food, and enjoy it. Nevertheless, you notice others seem to be more spiritually mature than you. You can eat more substantial food than milk alone, but still need someone else to supply the food you eat. It’s like my kids at dinnertime. They come to the table when called, and may or may not be willing to eat what’s been provided. The point is that they are not yet mature enough to get their own food.

So it is with some believers. They trust Bible studies and books to give them their portion for the day instead of going straight to God’s word for themselves. Bible studies and books aren’t bad. I have grown leaps and bounds by doing various studies of God’s precious word. But think about it. How many of us go to a restaurant every day? Not many. It’s not healthy or economical. And there’s nothing like a good home-cooked meal.

Scripture encourages us to study, come to Christ, lay down our burdens, and know Him. And when we have grown past the milk, we move into the meat…the meat of getting down and digging deeper into what God teaches. This is how we grow in our relationship with Him, how we take it to a higher level and, more so, how we arm ourselves for battle when the evil one attacks.

God is the only one who is worthy to serve up all of our meals. All we have to do is show up at mealtime with an open heart seeking His nourishment. Ask God to open your eyes and ears, stripping away the things that make you deaf and blind. He can bring you to a place where you are capable of going to His word, and taking what He has for you, instead of relying on others to fix you something, put it on a plate, and set it before you. He is worthy of any effort this might take, and trustworthy enough to give you more than you ever imagined.

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Becky Hillman is a freelance writer living in Tennessee. She is married and has three sons. Her passion is sharing God’s word with others, so Christ can open their hearts for life-changing experiences.

Becky is a 2010 winner of the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. Read Becky’s devotions.

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