Just One Touch – Diana Leagh Matthews

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Just a touch...

And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them Mark 10:13 KJV

It’s amazing what can happen with just one touch.

Once a month I go to a nearby nursing home to sing to the residents. I always notice the way these seniors open up when I go around and shake their hands. It’s like watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon and spread its wings. I love watching the residents come to life when they receive that special individual attention. Last week one woman even had tears in her eyes. It broke my heart and I instantly reached out to hug her.

Touch is something that many of us take for granted. There are some people who enjoy being touched more than others. Still, it’s a great way to communicate. How many times have you been lost for words? A hand on the shoulder to let your friend know you cared, might have been the only way you knew to communicate.

Jesus used touch in his day. He touched the blind man and made him see. He touched the lepers when no one else would even get close to them. He touched the dead and brought them to life. Then there was the woman who touched his garment, believing he would heal her. Jesus instantly knew what she’d done, the moment her fingers caught the hem of his cloak.

Today we can still reach out and touch Jesus. He’s waiting and ready to help us with all of the things we’re dealing with. Sometimes he even wants to bring healing.

Are you touching Jesus? Reach out to him…grasp His cloak. Allow him to touch your life today and then share that precious gift with someone else.

Photo courtesy of microsoft.com free image gallery

Diana Leagh Matthews is a vocalist, speaker, writer, and genealogist. She is a 2011 graduate of Christian Communicators Conference and 2012 Christian Devotions Writers Advance! Boot Camp. She currently resides in upstate South Carolina. Visit her blogs: www.dianaleaghmatthews.com and www.alookthrutime.com

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