A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

Peace & Presence

The peace we find in the presence of Christ is like crawling under a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day or feeling the soft breeze on a warm spring morning. Seeking after God is a continual process that grows us into a deep and long lasting relationship with Him. Come into His presence and find peace.

The Water’s Edge

Sometimes, life feels like a run-on sentence with no pause or punctuation. Meaning gets lost in the proliferation of words and works.

I’m running along a worn, routine road and exhausted. I must discover a way to slip off the beaten path and find a still moment, to pause at the water’s edge where I’ll find God walking.

Soon, I veered down a tangled path, overgrown from far too little use. It wound to the water’s edge—calm and beautiful. I breathed it all in, closed my eyes, and sunk to my knees, letting the silken water run through my fingers. It washed my fear away and refreshed my soul. I knelt to drink deeply of these living waters so that the river of my life could run deep and still. My life is turbulent when I allow the world to set my course and bash me about the rocks at full speed, dashing from one thing to the next. Its surface is unable to reflect but a distorted image of God’s grace, power, forgiveness, and love.

I opened my eyes and was suddenly caught off guard by the beauty around me that, in my hurry, had gone unnoticed earlier. Each flower was intricate and ornate. Towering pines struck silhouettes against the brilliant blue sky, and the wind softly said, “Be still.” I looked up to see God walking, as He promised, and I sprinted to catch up. He slowed, and His smile pierced my soul. He knew all and yet still loved me.

I slipped my hand into His weathered grip—my forefinger traced the scar etched into His palm. We walked and talked about my day, and I released my concerns into His care. The wind caught my words. They became more ethereal, and the weight of my anxious thoughts lightened in His presence. His voice was gentle and reassuring and rang clear.

The water of the Word, the wind of the Spirit, and the calm of His mighty presence restored my soul.

Are you exhausted and running along a routine path? Take time to be still with the one who loves you most, to read His Word, and to lay your concerns in His mighty hands.

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I’m Not the Best at Much

The list popped up on my browser: “The 20 Most Beautiful Women of All-Time.” To my dismay, my name was not on it. And I’m not the best at much.  

I also did not make the Best Chef or Best Dressed lists. But I can do many things well, despite not being the best at any of them. Maybe I’ll make my own list and call it The 150th Best At.

When I measure my successes by other people’s, I can quickly lose my sense of worth, especially if I have bombed out or given up on a project that required a lot of energy. That’s when I must stop and ask myself a question: Am I losing my understanding of what makes me valuable to Jesus?

That’s a serious question and worthy of contemplation. Sunday school teachers stress that good little boys and girls are rewarded. According to Jesus, rewards and crowns will be earned. However, He loved us while we were STILL sinners, not because of our good behavior.

We have so much value that Christ gave up His righteous blood in exchange for our unrighteousness. When I think about that, I am amazed. I don’t have to earn my righteousness. Christ makes me worthy.

For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. This powerful verse means I don’t have to be the best at anything for Jesus to love me. I don’t have to earn my right standing with God. Jesus does that for me. I want to be obedient because I love Him. After all, I delight in my children when they respect my counsel and obey me. They do not always manage that perfectly, but I love them even when they fail because they are mine.

Choose obedience daily, and revel in God’s love for you.

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Firm Foundation

I lived on Russian Hill, and my sister lived in the Marina District during the 6.9 earthquake in San Francisco on October 17, 1989. The quake was unsettling, especially for my sister. Her neighborhood was closed for several weeks and went without running water or electricity. The most extensive damage happened to the Marina because it had no firm foundation. Instead, it was built on uncompacted, sandy ground. In contrast, Russian Hill was built on rock and suffered much less damage.

A firm foundation is critical for building integrity and withstanding life's inevitable storms. A strong foundation of faith enables us to have security and hope regardless of our circumstances.

Many build their lives on shaky foundations like popular opinion, wealth, career, and fame. These things are not bad but do not bring lasting satisfaction, can be taken away, and tend to lose importance. We were made for so much more than living self-centered lives.

Building a secure foundation on God's Word brings satisfaction and leads to a life of integrity. God's truth brings wholeness, equipping us with everything we need to live for His greater purpose. It explains how things work and is the basis for making good decisions. Christianity is a worldview that leads to endless hope. Christ alone can satisfy our deepest needs for only He can remove our sin and make us His child.

Christ provides the firm foundation to live lives of eternal purpose at the vital corners of our lives. Learn to live God's way so you will have a firm foundation of security and strength when things get shaky.

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When Silence Is the Best Medicine

I sat outside, enjoying a pair of wrens flittering and fluttering in the sunshine while singing their morning song. Without warning, one bird soared past my face, smacked into the porch window, and plunged to the concrete patio. The stunned bird lay panting just inches from my chair.

Its friend called from a nearby branch, but it wasn’t the pretty Twill! Twill! the two sang earlier. No, this call, Scratch! Screech! filled the air with care and concern.

The bird below me made no sound. I stayed still. Eventually, its friend quieted and flew away.

I wanted to whisper, “You’re not alone; I’m here. You’ll soon recover and fly away.” But I knew my voice would further startle the shocked bird. Although ever watching, I could neither move nor make a sound.

Then God reminded me of this verse: For the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. He never leaves or forsakes us. The familiar words flowed through my heart like sweet honey, reminding me of times when the Lord seemed distant and silent after I had experienced a shock or sudden hardship.

Watching the scared bird, I wondered how often I had lifted my fist to the heavens crying, “Where are You, Lord? What happened? Why can’t I hear You?

Could God’s stillness be for our benefit? Does He sometimes allow us to rest, breathe, and recover, knowing His quiet presence meets our greatest need for the moment? Perhaps, when stunned, our hearts and minds cannot receive more. Certainly, the shock of our circumstances does not alter the presence of our loving Lord.

Have you ever misinterpreted God’s silence for abandonment? When struck by sudden calamity, did you wonder where God was? Our friends may move on, and God may seem quiet, but we can trust His promises. We may lay blindsided and panting, yet He remains, watching over us until, like my little friend, we can fly and sing again.

Ask God to help you determine when silence is the best medicine.

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Chase the Creator

Jeff opened the front door and called, “Come listen to this.”

Intrigued, I followed him into our guest cabin. A barely audible, high-pitched steady squeal came from the kitchen. We yanked out all electric plugs and pushed all buttons on the GFCI outlets. The tone continued while Jeff grumbled about visions of the cabin burning to the ground.

I googled “high pitch noise in kitchen” and was poised to call an electrician. Jeff bent down and stuck his head into the lower kitchen cabinet.

“Wait a minute,” I said, leaning on my husband’s back. “I think it’s coming from the drawer over your head.”

We opened the drawer and emptied it of dish towels and oven mitts. There it was—a forgotten timer sounding its shrill alarm. God got our attention as we chased the sound.

Then our washing machine died while we were entertaining out-of-town guests. The vacuum cleaner decided to kick the bucket too. Additionally, a temporary tooth, awaiting a replacement crown, broke into three pieces at three different times.

Although weary of all the replacements, scares, and stumbles in the chase, I am encouraged by Oswald Chambers: “Let actual circumstances be what they may, maintain complete reliance on Jesus, and be reckless—fling it all out on Him.”

I choose to lean on Jesus in the chase when things seem to be falling apart. Jesus was on the move, chasing His purpose. And our Creator created us to follow and pursue Him.

The blur of passing images on my path often distracts me. But God jerks my mind back to the Way, Truth, and Life. I hear Him say, “Stay the course, close to me.”

Determine to chase the Creator wherever He leads.

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