A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

Peace & Presence

The peace we find in the presence of Christ is like crawling under a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day or feeling the soft breeze on a warm spring morning. Seeking after God is a continual process that grows us into a deep and long lasting relationship with Him. Come into His presence and find peace.

The Voice of God

I was working from home when a thunderstorm moved in from the west.

Thunder rumbled low and ominous against the backdrop of the noonday sun. As I pondered the storm’s timeline and path, I realized the birds had gone home to tuck themselves in before the storm. Ten minutes earlier, my yard was chock-full of cardinals, sparrows, finches, and woodpeckers, scolding, squawking, and vying for a position on the feeder’s perches. An eerie quiet replaced their chatter, and I fought a sudden urge to abandon the sunroom for the safety of the main house.

I was both fascinated and in dread of the approaching storm, but curiosity won out, and I stayed in the sunroom keeping watch to the west. The glow of distant lightning erupted into brilliant streaks of pure energy as the storm neared. The thunder was the kind that rumbled through my bones and made the windows vibrate long and hard. God was speaking.

That first clap of thunder took me back to my childhood when storms terrified me. To my child’s mind, they inevitably occurred at night when long shadows already lurked in the corners of my bedroom. I must have been terror-stricken during one storm because my mother sat on the edge of my bed, stroked my hair, and reminded me thunder was the voice of God.

Somewhere in my transition to adulthood, I lost the childhood wonder that I could hear God’s voice, and the thunder became just thunder again. But like Job, on that day I remembered how big God is. I remembered the thundering sound of His voice, and that His ways are past finding out. I remembered He is the Creator, and I am the created.

Sometimes, we need to let go of our “adult” understanding of God and see Him through the eyes of a child. When we do, we can take His Word seriously, believe it, and let it change us. We can embrace a God who is beyond our understanding.

When we take our place as the created—formed by an all-knowing, all-powerful Creator—we will find ourselves upheld, protected, and surrounded by a God who defies human understanding and reason.

Look to God as your safe place.

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In the Name of Jesus

Who was the young man approaching my car in the parking lot of a business?

I was somewhat wary of him as he apologized for bothering me. Obviously embarrassed, he asked to use my cell phone. “I’ve lost my billfold and I need to phone my mother.” I hesitated, thinking it could be a scam. But eventually I handed him my phone. He stood beside my car and dialed a number. “Mom, I still can’t find my billfold. I found thirty cents in my car, and I’m going to buy gas with that to get home.”

As he thanked me for the use of my phone, the young man again apologized for disturbing me. As he turned to walk away, I pulled a five dollar bill from my purse and offered it to him, saying, “I give this in the name of Jesus.”

Surprised, because he hadn’t asked for money, he asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I replied. And once again I stated, “I give this in the name of Jesus.”

It was a simple way of witnessing, but I realized God could use my words to point the young man to Jesus, or if he was a Christian, to encourage him to grow in his faith. Some may believe I was naïve in giving the man five dollars, but I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit and followed.

Christians witness through the words and the actions we say and display. A smile or a friendly greeting may be what someone needs to encourage them when they’re having a bad day.

Wearing clothing and jewelry with Christian messages and placing bumper stickers on our cars can be good witnesses—but only if our words and actions correspond with them.

What do your words and actions tell others about you?

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The Power of Words

I was in shock as I heard the negative words that rolled out of my mouth.

I had awoken with a deep sense of failure. I felt as if I was achieving nothing. I had been out of work for five months, and our finances were tight. We were missing payments, and my job hunt looked bleak. Suddenly, I stopped talking in the midst of my negativity and heard a quiet reminder telling me, “You will have what you say.”

I realized the words I was speaking would only make things worse. I needed to seize the barrage of emotions that flooded my soul. And the way to do that was to change my tone and speak words of hope rather than death.

We underrate the power of our words, often thinking they are just words—even after realizing the old saying, “Sticks and stone may break my bones but words cannot hurt me” is false. We say all kinds of things, some in jest but most in the name of how we’re feeling emotionally at the moment. We declare them loud and clear and establish them in our lives.

Our words, not just God’s, are living and powerful. Our words, too, carry the power to create. We know how good it feels when someone says a kind word to us. Those words carry energy to undo the adverse effects we experience when we receive harsh or unkind words. When words leave our lips, they carry the power to affect us, our life, those around us, and our world.

Ask God to help you take more care with your words and to help you choose them wisely so you can build up rather than tear down. Then you can see your life blossom into what God has already purposed for you.

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Our Powerful Hands and Words

Her hands reminded me of the way I can use my tongue.

During one Wednesday night service, our worship leader sat down in front of me and rested her hands on the top of the pew. While looking at her hands, I was reminded of this verse, which talks about the way we use our tongues. It is the same with the tongue. It is a small part of the body, but it brags about great things. A big forest fire can be started with only a little flame.

Not only can we use our tongues to spread evil, but we can also use our hands to spread wickedness. We can use our hands to make hateful hand gestures, write an unflattering email, or cause physical harm to someone. Because of our sinful nature, we may have hurt someone through the use of our hands. Malicious words—whether or not they are written or spoken and meant to harm, such as gossiping—can hurt just as destructively as a fire can destroy a forest. Having our fingers used in the wrong way can ruin someone’s life.

As Christians, we should use our tongues and hands to bless others and to be a positive influence on them. Our worship leader uses her hands to play beautiful music, which is a blessing to our church. 

Use your hands and tongue to bless others.

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Angelic GPS

After a nice dinner with friends, I got into my 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon and headed home—20 miles away.

It had just turned dark, and I noticed the battery light on the dash shining brightly. Hoping it would go off, I hurried home. The area was unfamiliar to me, so I turned on the GPS. I wanted to take the freeway to get home as quickly as possible, but the GPS gave me a route on secondary streets. I deviated and turned up a street I recognized as a freeway entrance, but could not find the on ramp. The GPS rerouted me back on secondary streets. Twice I tried to find the freeway entrance, but with no luck.

By the time I was halfway home, I decided to follow the GPS. The battery light stayed on, and I wondered if the alternator was dying. I prayed for the Lord to get me home safely.

The engine died when I stopped for the stop sign at a dark intersection close to my driveway. I could not restart it, and the lights went out. One house away, a crew worked on power lines. They had lights flashing and safety cones all along the street, causing traffic to slow and make a detour.

Roadside service came in thirty minutes when a driver showed up and pushed my car to the side of the road. By then, the power crew had finished their work, leaving the street dark while I was safely parked on the side. The next day, the mechanic confirmed the alternator was kaput.

As the wise king wrote, God directs our courses. Although the GPS normally uses the freeway as the shortest travel route, this time it kept me on secondary roads where I would be safer had the car died on the way home. I realized afterward I made it home without any stops at lights or signs. I lived through a miracle where God guided my steps. 

Let God guide the course of your life.

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