A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

Peace & Presence

The peace we find in the presence of Christ is like crawling under a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day or feeling the soft breeze on a warm spring morning. Seeking after God is a continual process that grows us into a deep and long lasting relationship with Him. Come into His presence and find peace.

Angelic GPS

After a nice dinner with friends, I got into my 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon and headed home—20 miles away.

It had just turned dark, and I noticed the battery light on the dash shining brightly. Hoping it would go off, I hurried home. The area was unfamiliar to me, so I turned on the GPS. I wanted to take the freeway to get home as quickly as possible, but the GPS gave me a route on secondary streets. I deviated and turned up a street I recognized as a freeway entrance, but could not find the on ramp. The GPS rerouted me back on secondary streets. Twice I tried to find the freeway entrance, but with no luck.

By the time I was halfway home, I decided to follow the GPS. The battery light stayed on, and I wondered if the alternator was dying. I prayed for the Lord to get me home safely.

The engine died when I stopped for the stop sign at a dark intersection close to my driveway. I could not restart it, and the lights went out. One house away, a crew worked on power lines. They had lights flashing and safety cones all along the street, causing traffic to slow and make a detour.

Roadside service came in thirty minutes when a driver showed up and pushed my car to the side of the road. By then, the power crew had finished their work, leaving the street dark while I was safely parked on the side. The next day, the mechanic confirmed the alternator was kaput.

As the wise king wrote, God directs our courses. Although the GPS normally uses the freeway as the shortest travel route, this time it kept me on secondary roads where I would be safer had the car died on the way home. I realized afterward I made it home without any stops at lights or signs. I lived through a miracle where God guided my steps. 

Let God guide the course of your life.

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Lest We Forget

The greeting was unusual and read, Lest We Forget.

We usually reserve the saying for remembering military people who have served their country during war and peace time. But this sender had something else in mind.

Three images accompanied the greeting. The first was Mary and Joseph in a stable with the Christ child. Underneath was written, Born of a woman. The second displayed the crucifixion with a caption that read, Killed by man. The final image showed Jesus’ empty tomb and featured the words, Raised by God. The images were the story of the Lord Jesus in a nutshell.

Between Easter and Christmas, we tend to forget the story as daily responsibilities swim about us. But God, the Father, does not want us to set Jesus aside and bring Him out only on special holidays. He wants us to remember Him every day.

Christianity is a day-to-day, minute-by-minute walk with Jesus as our Saviour. Religion brings Jesus to the fore only during holidays. Faith puts Jesus in the forefront of our lives forever.

If you have not committed your life to following Jesus every day, do it today without delay. Tomorrow may be too late.

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The Wringer and the Winepress

I went home and cried daily.

I missed my old manager who said I was a blessing to her. Since she had left, the new manager seemed to put a target on my back. I prayed and asked God for deliverance. I told Him I was going into the VP’s office and complain or just walk out: fight or flight.

But I heard God say, “There’s another option.”

I froze and asked, ”What?”

He said, “ Wait on Me to work in this. Be still and know I am God. I am sovereign over every situation and always with you. I am your shield, strong tower, and refuge. For this light affliction, there is a greater weight of glory. Can you hang on for that and another transformation of your mind and soul?”

I was studying John 11 and suddenly saw my situation in a different light. Sometimes it’s hard to see God’s reasons for our suffering (the winepress). This was true for Martha and Mary. They couldn’t understand why Jesus allowed their brother to die. Even after Jesus tried to comfort them, Martha admonished Him for not doing what she wanted or expected.

God taught me suffering can also come as a consequence for how we have behaved toward others (the wringer). I acted in anger, causing harm and bringing human wrath upon me. God desires loving relationships.

In the midst of my rage over my work persecution, I heard the Lord say, “Forgive them. I do not revile those who revile me.”

I felt the Lord’s presence as I forgave and received release. The next day, I went to work with a song in my heart and a smile on my face. The Lord had transformed me, and the managers noticed.

In the end, God taught me to forgive, which created a better witness than if I had never gone through any of this hell on earth. He used my suffering to hone my character and accomplish His purposes.

Don’t end up in the devil’s wringer. Hold on while you are in the Lord’s winepress.

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Short Falling

After helping someone who appears ungrateful, I become offended.

Even though my intention in helping starts out well, when the response of the recipient is as though I owed them something, I question the recipient’s lack of gratitude. In truth, I am learning that I should question my attitude. Did I really help to demonstrate the love of Jesus? Did I give because I wanted to feel good about myself?

Whenever “I” gets in the way, despite the fact that giving took place, I have fallen short of the glory of God. The closer I draw to the Lord, the more I realize how much I need His transforming power, particularly with humility. My journey toward humility is unending. The closer I think I am to reaching it, the more I realize how far away I am.

This is where grace comes in. All have fallen short of God’s glory and will continue to do so. Even in the meditation about the fall, we continue to fall. When we meditate on our falls, failures, and sins, we subconsciously condemn ourselves, forgetting there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

The difference between a short fall and a long one is Jesus. Dependence upon Jesus’ finished work on the cross causes us to look up, get up, and go boldly before the throne of grace to find help and get going again. This shortens our down time.

But when we fall and are independent, we spend our time in limbo looking back, thinking we have overcome our area of failure. What a mess I’ve made. Will I ever get it right? We may even decide to stay down for a while and settle into failure. Satan loves this.

When you fall, don’t stay down for the count. Look up. Your help comes from the Lord. Get going again in the power of the Holy Spirit. Make your fall a short fall.

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The Rock That Doesn't Roll

Rocks—big rocks—keep falling, but not from space.

Rather, they cascade from mountains. Huge rocks will not stop plummeting onto Interstate 40 in North Carolina. These incidents have a lengthy history. In the mid-80s, a major rock slide closed two tunnels. In July 1997, two people were injured when their vehicle ran into a boulder. In 2009, a rock slide—with some rocks the size of a garage—occurred outside Asheville, North Carolina. In 2019, rocks fell again, closing the east and west lanes of the interstate.

Some rocks are immovable—like the Rock of Gibraltar, located on the Iberian Peninsula on the southwestern tip of Europe in the British territory of Gibraltar. The rock is a massive stone full of limestone, standing nearly 1,400 feet tall with a circumference of about ten miles. Talk about an immovable rock.

We tend to idolize people who appear to have the faith of Gibraltar. Their faith seems immovable. But we don’t know where they have been or what trials they have weathered.

From Streams in the Desert, L.B. Cowman wrote: “When you see a spiritual giant, think of the road over which he has traveled, not the sunny lane where wildflowers ever bloom, but a steep, rocky narrow pathway where the blasts of hell will almost blow you off your feet! God of the sun and rain, Thou who dost measure the weight of wind, fit us for stress and strain!”

Problems may fall all around us, if not on top of us. We may even experience panic attacks as a result. Our financial debts may appear higher than any mountain, dysfunctional relationships may emotionally crush us, or stress at work may close in on us, but God is the Rock who won’t ever move or disappoint us.

As you begin your day, why not write down this verse as a promise from God for when the pulverizing circumstances come? He is the rock; his deeds are perfect. Everything he does is just and fair. He is a faithful God who does no wrong; how just and upright He is!

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