A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

Peace & Presence

The peace we find in the presence of Christ is like crawling under a warm blanket on a cold winter’s day or feeling the soft breeze on a warm spring morning. Seeking after God is a continual process that grows us into a deep and long lasting relationship with Him. Come into His presence and find peace.

Our Spiritual Download

While helping my wife with a large online file download of pictures for a eulogy presentation, the link came with confusing instructions.

We couldn’t see the download button and wanted to avoid the time-consuming task of individually downloading numerous pictures. Thankfully, we finally determined how to “download all” and clicked that button. I said, “Let’s just do what it says and let it do what it does.” Upon clicking the right button, the process did the rest of the work—saving us incredible time.

As we worked, I thought of how that simple truth also applies to Scripture. I may not fully understand how what I read specifically applies to the situations, circumstances, or spiritual development of my life at the moment. Sure, I want to know. I study and research it, trying to discover what it says, what it means, and how it applies. But I act in faith when I simply do what it says and let it do what it does. I walk in the light God gives in that moment and trust Him to enlighten what I don’t presently know or will need to apply later. Either way, I keep downloading God’s Word and allowing it to do what it does.

The Bible isn’t simply a book to be read through like all other books. It is the living, breathing, working love letter from our Creator—a spiritual owner’s manual. As we read it step by step, we apply what we know when we know it. Then the supernatural happens. The Holy Spirit activates that spiritual download and does His silent, invisible, and incredible work. Slowly but surely, as we hide God’s Word in our hearts and surrender to His direction, He stores what we need for when we need it. Through His ongoing transformation, we find the necessary files strategically saved where God sovereignly knew we would need them.

How are you downloading God’s Word into your heart?

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Preparing for God’s Purpose

It was dark when I came to a stop sign at a “T” intersection.

In front of me was the babysitter’s house where twenty-two years ago my baby left her home in an ambulance, unconscious. At the hospital, I learned he had suffered a massive brain hemorrhage, along with bilateral retinal hemorrhage. He was diagnosed with non-accidental trauma. The licensed daycare provider had moved years ago, but as I sat there, God made everything clear. He wanted to use my story to help others.

Just moments earlier, my friend and I had left a women’s ministry event. Watching those women share their testimony inspired me. I wanted to share some unimaginable things that can happen even when we trust the hands we leave our precious babies with. I wanted to bring hope to others who felt as if they were powerless against the scariest moments in their lives, such as when Child Protective Services falsely accuses you.

As my friend and I shared, I pulled over because what came over me was like a bolt of lightning—kind of scary, but also spectacular and amazing. I found myself praising God for His mighty work and for revealing His will for me.

John Maxwell says we’ll know what our purpose is when we finally come across the thing that makes us cry. I had. I had been speaking for years on the dangers of shaking a baby, but God now wanted me to share a mom’s perspective of being falsely accused and of navigating the broken system designed to protect our children.

My son and I endured and overcame this unimaginable time in our life, and God put us in the palm of His hand. Paul reminds us that God has a purpose for each one of His children, and God wants us to live out that purpose.

Have you discovered God’s purpose for your life?

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My cousin had a rare form of cancer and needed a liver transplant.

Everyone in the family volunteered to offer him a part of theirs. His siblings and first cousins were all eliminated as donors. My cousin’s good friends and business associates were all told they were out of the running. He was placed on a list to wait for a deceased donor. All we could do was pray. We felt helpless, but were we?

Prayer is not waving a magic wand. Many who are prayed for die. Many who are not prayed for live. So, what is the difference?

Prayer doesn’t always change circumstances, but it does change us. It places our will, like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, in submission to God’s will where we pray not for our will but for God’s will to be done.

Doing this gives a great sense of peace as we place our trust in the One who loves us perfectly and has the power to act on that love.

Whom would you like to serve? Can you trust that Jesus, who loved us enough to die for us on the cross, has the power and desire to do the most loving thing for the person for whom you care so much?

And by the way, my cousin did receive a new liver and continues to recover.

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A Lighted Path

One evening after a holiday event, as my family returned to our vehicle, we trekked across a grassy field that served as a parking lot.

The surface was uneven, and because I’m older, I have poor balance and risk falling. My daughter used the light on her cell phone as a flashlight to illuminate the path, helping me see where to step. We arrived safely at the car.

The psalmist used the image of a lighted path to compare the light of God’s Word with our dark life’s path. It’s an interesting image, especially when we examine the reasoning. Just as the light from a lamp or flashlight illuminates the darkness so we won’t stumble and fall, so does the light of God’s Word. It not only reveals spiritual obstacles but also provides a remedy.

One obstacle I often encounter is worrying, which can lead me astray from God and His plans. However, God’s Word defines and provides the guidance and promises that will disperse the darkness of my anxiety. It also provides the confidence to step out in faith and press forward.

Turn to the sure source of divine light that provides illumination in a dark world.

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Flashlight Messaging System

Growing up, my cousin lived next door to me, and her bedroom window faced mine.

One day, we thought it would be fun to communicate with each other at night by using flashlights. We grew up in a time before cell phones, so flashlights seemed like a good idea. We spent hours thinking about what different patterns of flashing light would mean, practicing these new “light words” and deciding what time each night we would send these messages. We were so proud of ourselves for figuring out a way to talk to each other after dark.

I was so excited when nighttime finally came. I should have been sleeping, but there was no time for that. I had important messages to send and receive. I watched the clock and waited patiently (well maybe not that patiently) until our agreed-upon time. Then I pulled out my trusty flashlight and sent my first message. My cousin was there just as we had planned, and she quickly sent a message back.

Our plan worked . . . sort of. We spent the next fifteen minutes flashing our lights back and forth, never actually understanding what the other person was saying. After a while, we both gave up, put away the flashlights, and went to sleep. The next day, we laughed about how we had no idea what messages we were sending or receiving and decided that a flashlight messaging system wasn’t the best idea after all.

Communication wasn’t easy back then, especially when using a flawed flashlight system. Even now with our always-connected lives, it can still prove difficult. Thankfully, communicating with God doesn’t have to be complicated.

When we pray, God hears us, and when we read His Word, we can hear Him. When we have a humble heart and a right relationship with God, this two-way communication is always open, day or night, and no flashlights are required.

God desires a close relationship with us, and like any good relationship, communication is key. What a blessing to know God is only a prayer and a Bible away.

How can you improve your communication with God?

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