A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

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Devotions should be submitted to martin@christiandevotions.us or christiandevotionsministries@gmail.com.

Please observe the following guidelines prior to submitting:

1) Pray about your devotion. Pray for the ministry.

2) Write from the heart. Make your devotion personal but relatable to life experiences.

3) Use and reference only one scripture. Please note the version of the Bible you use. If you do not note the version, we will default to NIV.  

4) Your devotion should be 300-400 words and use the Hook, Book, Look, and Took method as explained below.

  • Hook- Catch the reader's interest with a brief story or shocking statement.
  • Book- Declare the theme and meaning of the passage. “Book” is the meat of the devotion. It’s God’s words and truth. “Book” is also the one place where most devotions fail to make an impact. If you need help finding the hidden treasures in a passage, ask our staff. We’re happy to provide insight into Scripture without changing your voice and story. 
  • Look- Present the big picture and offer a practical application.
  • Took- Lead to a decision by offering the reader an action statement. Challenge the reader to change.

5) When submitting, please include “Devotion Submission” in the subject line. This will send your submission into our priority inbox. If the subject line includes anything other than this, we may never see it.




We do not scan blogs or websites for work. If you want your devotion considered, please send it according to the above guidelines. Additionally, please attach a .jpg of yourself and a short bio. Also, please submit only one devotion at a time. All submissions should include the author’s name, address, phone number, and email address. Our Hook Book Look Took Template is included at the end of the guidelines, and we have available on Kindle or Nook a small instructional guide for writing devotions. The template is an example of how we want you to write your devotion. This is our format. If your devotion varies significantly from this format, we’ll return it for a rewrite.

6) Avoid controversial subject matter. We want readers to develop two things: a relationship with the Father and a habit of daily study. Doctrinal issues can cause divisions. We don’t have the resources, time, or training to cover theological issues. Our ministry is to introduce the readers to Christ, teach them through personal experiences, and show them how to develop a devotional life. It’s okay for readers to see that life as a Christian can be both full of pain and joy. Humor is okay, provided it’s tasteful. We expect our devotions to be biblically sound and not embedded with metaphysical or new age beliefs.

7) Don't preach. Rather, teach with compassion.

8) We reserve the right to edit any devotions we receive. We try to work with writers to make their work fit. Most rewrites result from wordiness, overuse of passive voice, and a lack of clarity.

9) Upon acceptance, you will be sent an acceptance letter with your devotional postdate. Please jot this date down. You will not receive another notice unless your devotion date is changed. When your devotion posts, please send an email to your friends and family encouraging them to read your work. We also ask that you share it on your social media platforms. This is how we spread the word of the ministry. Your devotion will post to www.christiandevotions.us and is delivered via email to subscribers of Christian Devotions and our Kindle subscribers.

10) Please submit your devotion as a Word doc. Paragraphs should be single spaced and double spaced between each paragraph. Do not indent. Save each item with you name and the name of the devotion as a file and label them as such. Write in either first or third person. Second person is acceptable in the TOOK portion of the devotion.

11) List which category you are submitting for. Our categories are as follows:

1. Spirit & HEART – Deals with matters of the heart, relationships, kindness, and generosity.

2. Spirit & MIND – Deals with how we learn within the Spirit of God, life lessons, study of scripture, and the transformation of our minds.

3. Spirit & SOUL – Deals with eternity, spiritual life, and physical death, heaven and hell, and the eternal consequences of our actions.

4. Spirit & BODY - Deals with the physical body, dieting, exercise, health, and illness, and the Body of Christ

5. Peace & Presence – Deals with the peace we find in God and His constant presence with us.

6. Faith & FAMILY – Deals with our families, forgiveness, and interaction. We also include pet devotionals in our family devotion category.

7. Spirit & TRUST - Deals with our complete trust and dependence on God. From our finances to our joys and praises, to our deepest despair.


12) What about the rights to your devotion? No worries. You remain in control of all rights to your work. Our site is copyrighted. Christian Devotions Ministry purchases 1st rights to devotions which are published in our devotional books and materials. We simply ask you to credit Christian Devotions with "used by permission Christian Devotions Ministries." This drives visitors to the website. We do accept reprints. However, it is the author’s responsibility to secure the proper permissions from prior publishers and appropriate copyright by lines (i.e. – used with permission from Joe Publishing, October 2009).

13) Christian Devotions offers you an opportunity to build a platform for your devotional writing. We know editors and agents visit the site (and some subscribe to the daily email). In all cases, your motivation should be to bless others through your writing and treat each devotion as a tithe of your talents. Your attitude with regards to rewrites, publication times, frequency, etc, is your heart’s response to God’s grace and His gift of writing.

14) Our schedule for devotional postings is two to four months in advance. Due to the number of submissions we receive, you will receive a notice of acceptance if the devotion is accepted within 120 days. Please be patient. We find devotions post “literally” in God’s timing. Remember, He has an agenda, and your devotion will post the day He has planned to touch a specific person.

Thank you in advance for your submission. We consider every devotion a gift. Without your kindness, this ministry could not move ahead. You will hear from our Managing Editor, Martin Wiles, or the Executive Editor, Cindy Sproles, about your devotion post.

Christian Devotions is a family of writers spread across the world. Thank you for being a part of our family. We look forward to reading your work.

Cindy Sproles and Eddie Jones are available to speak to your conference, church, or organization by contacting them at cindyksproles@gmail.com.


Stinky Feet

He Said Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 19:14 NIV

(HOOK: Catch the reader’s interest with a brief story or shocking statement)

I was married in Saint Marks Church at the age of five. The pastor’s son performed the ceremony in the basement of the sanctuary. I didn’t ask the bride’s father for permission, but he didn’t seem upset by the news that his only daughter was getting married. I think he was just happy that she was finally potty trained. Our wedding rings were large and ornate things cut from a brown grocery bag. We were trying to make a social statement and that statement was, “The pre-school class wants more craft projects and fewer scripture memorization lessons!” We concluded the ceremony by doing what most couples do on their wedding night. We got naked—at least, from the knees down. I helped Peggy out of her shoes and socks, then kicked off my sneakers. Next, we sat on the floor and smelled each other’s feet. We were Methodist. Baptists would never think of doing such a thing. I’m pretty sure they forbid the touching of toes, too. The marriage didn’t last, though. I forget why. It may have had something to do with different nap times. But, for a few hours at least, we threw caution, not to mention our shoes, to the wind. That’s how kids are. They do crazy things like believe in Cinderella stories and Piggy Toes, and that new crayons are cool and adults aren’t.

(BOOK: Declare your key point and your interpretation of the passage)

I think that’s one reason Christ said, "Let the little children come to me." He was tired of eating with the adults. He wanted to sit with the girls and boys and throw cake, pop balloons, and laugh until His sides hurt.

(LOOK: Present the big picture and offer practical life application lessons and tips)

It’s a scary thing to think the Kingdom of God belongs to kids, but that’s what He said. Perhaps what He really meant was that the Kingdom of God belongs to those who seek adventure, love smelly feet and long to run through the halls of the King's castle.

(TOOK: Lead to a decision; close with an action statement and challenge the reader to change)

What dour duty keeps you from sharing in your Master’s joy? God desires our love, not our duty. Isn't it time you cast off your shoes, ran barefoot through the grass, and played footsie with your Lord?