A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

Spirit & Body

We have two bodies as such. The physical body and our spiritual body. The Spirit is an important part of both. Giving our hearts to Christ brings that spiritual body into balance and therefore, helps us understand the ups and downs of the physical body – even accept them when others cannot.

Growing Young Versus Old

Growing young versus old challenges everyone.

Lately, I feel my body getting older. I love to exercise, and my stopping point used to be exhaustion, but now I worry about injury and take things slower. Getting older comes with new issues and concerns, but I would not trade youth for what I have now.

My faith has increased, as have my years. My relationship with God has grown stronger, and understanding His ways has changed how I live. As a result, I have a broader perspective and new vitality in my thinking.

God’s love has given me more love for others and the ability to let go of things that once entangled me, like being easily offended or focusing on the negative. As a result, I forgive more easily and approach things with more understanding. Instead of being defined by my circumstances or accomplishments, I find my confidence as a child of God. Rather than striving to make a name for myself, I surrender to making God known. Choosing to live God’s way provides new energy for life and satisfaction I have not found anywhere else.

God gives us hope and purpose in every season of life. No matter what we experience, we can progressively grow stronger inwardly when we keep our eyes on Him.

I have a first-thing-in-the-morning routine that keeps me connected. Along with reading God’s Word, I sit in silence. This helps me hear God’s voice and focus on His greater plan. There are many ways to spend time with God, such as reading His Word, praying, and spending time in nature—far from the distractions of the day. I have one friend who regularly listens to worship music and sings on His way to work.

Even if we can’t grow younger physically, we can develop more spiritual muscle and joy in our lives when we focus on being a part of God’s plan. God is so good. He even makes getting older a beautiful thing to look forward to.

What are some ways you can maintain your perspective as you age?

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What we are anchored in proves essential.

Early one morning while sitting on the edge of my bed, putting on my shoes in preparation for a meeting with a client, the wooden hangers in the closet started banging together. A 5.6 earthquake rolled through, rattling the room and hangers as I sat on the seventeenth floor of a hotel in San Francisco.

At that moment, I knew my earthly anchor was not working. Adrenaline-infused fright manifested itself in “goose bumps” and trembling steps as I rushed out the door and into the hallway. I looked at the atrium, and remarkably, people seemed calm. I wasn’t.

Earth is something we feel secure about, but when it wobbles and cracks, disorientation and fear can overwhelm us. Earthly anchors are undependable.

But God gives us a promise, a reassurance of His permanent essence, and the unchanging nature of His purpose anchors our souls.

Daily, we wake to the news of recession, depression, war, food shortages, and other losses. Finding joy in our day-to-day activities and relationships proves next to impossible. But God’s promises do not change.

King David liked to say God was his rock and fortress. We, too, can have that experience and enjoy that serenity by trusting in God’s promises.

What things can you try that will anchor your hope in the promise that God will be your rock and fortress?

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The Power of a Single Act

The power of a single act can amaze us.

When I was little and bullied at school because we were poor, I went to my mother. After a few minutes on her lap and her embrace, all was right with the world again.

Paul speaks about the first man, Adam, and the last Adam, Jesus Christ. Both, through a single act, played a vital role in shaping human history. Each man’s act was a reaction to God’s revealed will. And we will feel the impact of their single act throughout eternity.

The first Adam disobeyed God, bringing sin and death into the world by his disobedience. The consequences of this disobedience entail alienation, suffering, and eternal loss if our sins are not forgiven.

Adam’s act of disobedience separated him from God. As a result, all his descendants are now born with a sinful nature, isolated from a holy God. Humanly speaking, nothing could have reversed this sinful act and its consequences.

But then Jesus came to show God’s love. By His single act of obedience, He countermanded Adam’s disobedient act forever. Jesus’ self-sacrifice and death on Calvary paid in full the debt we owed a holy God.

Through faith in Christ, God will deliver us from the power of sin and its consequences. God makes us His children, we receive His nature and Spirit, and He promises us a home in heaven. God imputes Christ’s righteousness to us through faith. Adam’s act imparted sin and death, but Christ’s act imparts righteousness and eternal life to all who receive Him.

God gives us a choice. We can remain under the condemnation of Adam’s act, or we can accept Christ and rest in His finished work on Calvary.

Have you realized the power of a single act of belief?

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The Words of Our Mouths

The words of our mouths have powerful effects—good and bad.

The smile on ten-year-old Janet’s face evidenced her excitement. A girl in the neighborhood had invited her to an informal party her youth group was having, and Janet anticipated a fun time. But when the church bus arrived, the driver met Janet outside and told her she couldn’t go to the party because she and her family were not Christians.

Janet sobbed and headed back toward her house. Seeing Janet’s tears, the driver stopped her and told her she could go this one time, but not again. Janet sat alone while the other kids laughed and sang. She cried on the way to the party and during her time there.

Many years passed before Janet ventured into a church again. The incident had made her feel unwanted. However, Janet finally became a Christian when she reached her thirties. With her salvation came healing from her sad childhood memories.

Today, Janet lives a joy-filled life and has many friends. She knows she is wanted, and God uses her in various ways to share His love.

Many years after the bus incident, Janet learned the bus driver suffered from the after-effects of a stroke. He was in a nursing home and unable to speak. Janet visited him, touched his hand, and told him how his words had affected her. Then she told him she had forgiven him long ago and prayed for him.

The man had not realized the effect of his words and was touched when Janet prayed for him. He grasped her hand and squeezed it to let her know he was sorry for his unkind words.

Sharing God’s love is a responsibility and a privilege. Jesus told us to let our lights shine before others so they could see our good works and then praise our Father in heaven. 

Let’s remember to let our lives shine before others. Who needs your light today?

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Beyond the Ordinary

The auction house art appraiser at the charity event looked up to see a young woman approach with something beyond the ordinary. 

“I got this at a garage sale,” she said, offering the appraiser a small bronze figure of a woman in flowing garments. She mentioned the sculptor’s name, then added, “I’m afraid I don’t know much about him.”

But the appraiser knew the name and related the creator and the statue’s background. “Actually, this man completed only a few pieces, so we don’t see much of his work. Recently, we sold one not as fine as yours for $20,000, but I think this one is worth about $100,000.”

The owner’s mouth dropped open as she pointed to it with a trembling finger. “I had no idea,” she stammered. “We use it as a doorstop!”

Most ordinary things don’t turn out to be priceless, but to God, that’s exactly how He regards us. We tend to think of ourselves as average or at least ordinary—not anything unique or priceless—but God sees us differently.

God sees us as precious, special, and valuable—someone who’s a part of His family because we’ve believed in His Son. Because of that relationship, He has designed a particular plan for us, along with His provision and guidance to help us carry it out. The whole process is called grace—and that in itself is priceless.

How can you view yourself as beyond the ordinary?

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