A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

Spirit & Body

We have two bodies as such. The physical body and our spiritual body. The Spirit is an important part of both. Giving our hearts to Christ brings that spiritual body into balance and therefore, helps us understand the ups and downs of the physical body – even accept them when others cannot.


My friend’s baby took one look at me and screamed.

We all laughed. He obviously didn’t like the looks of me. Babies are not at all polite. They are selfish, insecure little creatures. And with good reason. They come into a strange world, completely dependent on someone else to provide warmth, food, and loving care. They cry and scream to make their needs known, grabbing on to fingers for dear life. They are quite unaware of anyone else’s needs—especially their need for sleep.

When I first came to Christ, I cried and held on to God because of my own need. I was completely selfish. That was no problem with God. We come to Him empty and needy, and He reaches out to take us as we are. God loves His baby Christians and is well able and willing to care for them and answer their prayers.

But as children grow and are weaned, they become less demanding. They still depend on their parents but are more confident and assured of their love and protection. The relationship deepens. They can forget about themselves and think of other members of the family, reaching out to care for them and their needs.

As I grow in my Christian life, I become more confident in my heavenly Father’s love for me. I have His ear and can trust Him for everything. Leaving behind baby ways, I take on the challenges life brings, being willing to forget myself in caring for those around me.

Good parents never over-indulge their children. They allow them to make mistakes and learn from them, at the same time keeping a watchful eye on their children. Our heavenly Father allows us to experience problems and setbacks for our own growth and development, but we are never out of His sight.

Submit willingly to God’s weaning process.

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The God Hole

My body jerked, almost falling from the bed. My breath caught and held as I searched the darkness for the source of my terror.

Finding no monsters in the dark corners of my bedroom, my heart calmed, and my breath returned as bits and pieces of my nightmare traced across my consciousness. The dream slowly drifted away, yet the feeling of aloneness remained. What was missing?

Sometime later, I recalled that dream and remembered how I had reached out to my snoring husband for reassurance. His presence helped my loneliness, but could he or anything else fill that hole? My salvation was assured, but I longed for more.

Paul gives the answer. God gives each person a God-consciousness. A stirring within. We can embrace that and be filled with His presence or go our own way and attempt to fill it with temporary fixes.

Thankfully, God directed me to a church body that encouraged me in my spiritual growth. Over the years, God has continually poured into me and drawn me into a deeper walk with Him. As I remembered that feeling of loneliness, I realized that God had replaced that feeling with a confident knowing that He is with me. I am never alone, even in the middle of a crowd.

A smile lit my face, but sorrow wrung my heart as I thought of all the people with an empty God hole. The ones living life with no thought of God. Will they come to the end of their lives, confident in humanity, or will they wish they had not silenced that drawing from deep within themselves?

What about you? Who or what is filling up your God hole?

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No Concerns

The sun had barely peeked over the clouds when I woke to the sound of my cell phone pinging.

My son had just sent a text with an attached photo of his two-year-old daughter. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed, completely unaware of the world surrounding her—oblivious her father lovingly looked over her and took her picture.

As I studied the tiny details of her face, her soft glowing skin, and her dream-filled smile, I reflected on how my heavenly Father had watched over me throughout the night. 

When we live in a world filled with uncertainties, doubts, and fears, knowing our heavenly Father always watches over us is comforting. Just as my son keeps a loving eye on his precious little daughter, God keeps a watchful and careful eye over us. 

Let God take away your concerns as you remember He watches over you always.

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More of God

I am satisfied with too little of God.

For a number of years, I downplayed love’s importance. I didn’t think I was worthy of God’s love. So, I tried harder. Do this. Don’t do that. But when my heart lacked love, I was turning in a homework assignment for a grade, instead of singing God a love song.

The realization that too little of God satisfied me struck while reading Ephesians 3. Now, I crave more—more of God, more of His fullness, more of His love.

God is the source of love, and we all need love. That’s how God designed us. Only He can fully satisfy this craving. A life without love is a sad existence. Love makes us whole.

The wonderful truth is we don’t have to earn God’s love. His love doesn’t wax and wane based on our behavior. God’s love is constant. He loves us when we are lovable—and when we’re not. His love is not the fleeting crush of immaturity but the sustaining strength of a marriage that endures for decades—tough and unbreakable.

How do we grasp a love so wide and long and high and deep? A love beyond our ability to comprehend? We open our hearts and receive it. By faith, we enter into the heart of God. When I go about my daily routine and fail to grasp God’s love—or even forget about it—I am satisfied with too little. I nibble on crumbs when God offers the loaf.

God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine. I tend to translate God’s “more” into things I want to happen: heal my sister’s cancer, provide a job for my friend, eradicate Coronavirus. Weighty needs. Although God is fully able to deliver on these needs, they pale in comparison with the greatest need: to know His love surpasses knowledge.

Perhaps, like me, you struggle to experience God’s love. He can help you. Those who seek God with all their heart, find Him. He is worth every effort. In the end, we find God has been pursuing us all along.

Don't be satisfied with too little. God has immeasurably more for you.

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What Would You Miss?

For years, I’ve been convicted about what I watch for entertainment.

I’ve always enjoyed adventure, sci-fi, and mystery. Currently, even in those genres, they all seem to have pervasive themes around sexuality and violence, promoting sinful behaviors and unholy lifestyles.

Recently, I saw a controversial film created by a Hollywood stunt man that offered a glimpse into the entertainment culture. I wrestled with the subject as the enemy tried to convince me it was all conspiracy theory and hype.

My pastor once said, “When you give your life to Christ, you give your life to Christ!”

That powerful truth resonated with me. I am in Christ, and He is in me. Then God opened the eyes of my heart to draw my own conclusions about what I was watching. I asked, “Jesus, will you join me to watch this?” With every selection, His resounding response was “No.”

Paul answers his own question in the next verse. “By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?” (Romans 6:2).

I earnestly prayed, asking God to remove my addiction to television and to guide me to wholesome, godly entertainment. Spending time with family. Reading a good book—or the Good Book.

My Bible time has increased from fifteen minutes every once in a while, to an hour and a half of reading, studying, meditating, and praying every morning. After working all day, I write, exercise, and check in with friends and family. I’m also watching some outstanding recorded sermons on YouTube and church websites.

These changes are deepening my relationships and increasing my faith. I don’t miss television because I’m hearing the Word of God in fresh new ways and finding it far more exciting than anything I once watched.

Where is your entertainment coming from? If you turned away from it, what would you miss? Try turning it off and tuning in to amazing interactions with your Creator.

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