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Spirit & Heart

Where your heart is, there is where your treasure lays. Our hearts guide our emotion and decisions. Unless God is the center of the heart, things are askew. Allowing the Spirit into the matters of the heart promises the faithfulness of Jesus in our lives.

Under Attack

I didn’t expect problems, but suddenly I was under attack.

As I pulled weeds around my tree, angry yellow jackets surrounded me and stung me eight times. I had entered their territory, and they didn’t like the invasion. I determined the weeds would have to stay. I didn’t care to face that enemy again.

Christians face another kind of enemy: Satan. At times, he acts as yellow jackets do. We are not aware of his presence until he springs on us. That’s why Peter warns us to be alert for his prowling. He compares Satan to a lion who stalks its prey quietly because it wants to catch the victim unaware. Not until the beast is ready to pounce does it roar. Then, it is too late for the prey. They have no escape from the power of the destroyer.

We are offered effective ways to prevent Satan’s attack. We can read the Bible and attain the knowledge we need. When temptation comes, we can do as Jesus Christ did during His forty days and nights of temptation by Satan in the wilderness: quote Scripture.

Just as I plan to avoid the tree until the yellow jackets are gone, so we can take a giant step in resisting Satan’s attacks by avoiding places and things we know are contrary to God’s plans for our lives. We can also ask for help in resisting temptations and for the strength to stand firm in Jesus Christ.

Get prepared to fight the sudden attacks of Satan.

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The God Who Provides

God’s supply always meets our reasonable demands.

Covid-19 was upon us, and stores everywhere had empty shelves. People sought wipes and disinfectant sprays as if they were precious jewels. The problem was not about supply, but demand.

My daughter and son-in-law live in New York City. During the pandemic, my son-in-law went to Costco to get a few things—toilet paper among them. He left his cart with his toilet paper in it for a few moments. When he returned, the toilet paper had disappeared. Whoever took it must have believed the demand would exceed the supply. Because of the panic over the Coronavirus, the stealer was probably right.

Moses told the Israelites not to keep any of the manna God sent until morning. Some did anyway, but maggots infested it, it had a terrible smell, and it was no good. Moses was angry. We can learn a lot from the Bible about how God taught His people to deal with supply and demand.

The people’s disobedience came from two sources. First, they did not believe God. They had to take more than they needed just in case God couldn’t or wouldn’t provide daily. Second, they were self-centered. They believed they deserved more than their fair share, which always breeds resentment.

In times of national distress, people stockpile, bringing about an imbalance between supply and demand. Some have too much while others have too little. God has a better plan: trusting Him. As Christians, we should have called our actions what they were. Panic mentality is unbelief in the faithfulness of God.

Make a choice to believe that Jehovah-Jireh, the God who provides, will always supply your reasonable demands.

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The Good China

Many have something elegant they keep on reserve for a special occasion.

For some, it’s a particular piece of clothing or jewelry. For me, it was the good china. My husband and I disagreed about this constantly. He wondered what the point was of having such dishes if we never used them. My logical response was that it was for a special occasion. But I have come to realize that life itself is the special occasion. Every moment we experience is cause for celebration.

Jesus put it all on the line for us, even laying down His own life. He did not do this so we would live within margins. He did this so we could live life in abundance and to the fullest. If we are always waiting for the special occasion to arrive, we miss out on the gift of today. The Enemy is aware of this and tries to steal our joy by creating chaos and confusion in our life. But our joy should not be stored up, only to be used on special occasions. Joy and gratitude should be the dish we serve daily.

Today is a gift. We can live each day to the fullest as Jesus desires, starting each day with a grateful heart and making the choice to choose joy, regardless of the circumstances. We can use the good china because we are alive in Jesus Christ.

Choose joy today through Jesus Christ, and live life to the fullest.

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How's My Driving?

Four lanes of highway, but that wasn’t enough.

The semi-truck came alarmingly close to me as we both navigated a curve. Then, he crossed into my lane and veered onto the rumble strip on the right-hand shoulder. He seemed determined to stay in front of me, so I let off the gas to give him some room. As he pulled ahead, I saw a sticker on the back of his rig that read, How’s my driving? The sticker also had an 800 number to report unsafe drivers to the corporate headquarters. The trucker represented the company whose logo was painted on the side of the trailer. The corporation’s name and reputation were on the line far more than the man in the driver’s seat.

Early in Jesus’ ministry, people noticed He was different. He spoke with authority and knowledge, making it clear His authority came from His Father who sent Him. Jesus involved Himself in the lives of people and pointed out He was only doing what His Father did. Jesus was more concerned with relieving suffering than following conventional practices. He healed on the Sabbath, revealed lies with truth, and challenged authority. When the Jewish leaders questioned Him, He said the works He did bore witness to whom He was and to the Father who sent Him.

As Christians, we represent Christ by all we do and say. The world is watching how we navigate the curves to see whether we veer off course or whether we graciously correct when we hit the rumble strips.

The Christian life isn’t about getting to a final destination. It’s about how we travel the road along the way. We must always remember we aren’t alone on the road. People see how we drive and know whose name we claim to represent.

How’s your driving?

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Silver Cross

Christmas 1995 had come and gone. Tax season was in full swing in the little CPA firm in Birmingham, Alabama, where I worked.

New tax preparation software stole family time. I continued to lead a weekly Bible study at my church that I had led for three years. A handful of women faithfully attended the class, usually with small children underfoot. My own offspring played with their school assignments in the back of the classroom. But interest dwindled. Why should I continue to lead this study? I thought. 

That Christmas I had wanted a silver cross on a long, silver chain. Everyone I saw wore one–friends at church, co-workers, strangers on the street. But every time I had the urge to buy one, I sensed God telling me to hold back. 

One morning while at work, I received a phone call. A woman in the Bible study wanted to meet. We did, and in my office, she poured out her heart, her pain, her struggles, and her confessions. We cried, prayed, and laughed together.

As she stood to leave, she reached into her purse, drew out a small gray pouch, and said, “God told me this morning to give this to you. I’m not sure why. I bought it in Mexico last summer while traveling with my husband, put it in my dresser drawer when we got home, and forgot about it. This morning God put it on my mind to give it to you.”

She placed the small gift in my hands, and I heard my heavenly Father whisper, “I love you. I am all you need.” I pulled out the most beautiful silver cross I had ever seen … simple and perfect. Tears streamed down my face.

We often try to satisfy our desires on our own, only to miss the perfect gift God has for us—Himself. God puts the desires in our heart so He can fill them and amaze us with His personal, powerful love. 

I thought obedience would bring blessings but missed the most precious jewel: a closer relationship with God. We are instruments of blessings, designed to bless in ways we’ll never understand.

Follow Jesus on this exciting “blessing” adventure.

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