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Spirit & Mind

Focusing our minds on Christ. . .studying His word, drawing tight into a relationship that is unbreakable. This is when His Spirit lives in our minds helping us keep our eyes focused only on Him.

The Final Challenge

Scoring the test was the last thing on the job description list—the final challenge to see if I qualified for the office manager position at my local church.

Our pastor used a personality test for premarital counseling, and one of the duties was scoring the test. Mastering this task would determine whether or not I qualified for the position. If the scores were wrong, how would the pastor be able to help them?

At first, I had no idea what to do. I read the manual, but most of the material was like rocket-science instructions in a foreign language. The former office manager, now in a new position, had assured me she would train me, but she had limited hours.

Adding to my concerns was the fact that I could not make a mistake. Doing so would skew the score and give a false assessment. I wanted to succeed, so I prayed that God would open my mind to understand the material.

The process was long and tedious, yet there was enough time for training. God used the previous office manager to teach me, and I was able to complete the process and gain confidence in my work.

Looking back, I realize scoring the assessment was not an ultimatum of my fitness for the job but one of many challenges I’d taken since the first day in the office. Each challenge was a small step in building trust in the God who helps me daily.

Like the apostle Paul, we cannot claim anything for ourselves. God alone makes us competent. He provides time, people, resources, understanding—and the ability to trust.

Whatever your challenge, pray for God’s guidance, and trust the One who makes you competent.

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I Always Fail

It seems as if I’ve always had a proficiency at failing.

Failing started when I was in grade school. One subject I had trouble with was math. My teacher’s rule was that if you got more than three problems wrong, you had to correct them until you had them correct. The kids in school also picked on me, telling me I was a dummy. One day, my dad told me if I didn’t get better grades, I would end up as a dishwasher for the rest of my life.

Even as an adult, no matter how hard I try, it seems I am always told by my boss that I am doing something wrong. There are times when I feel people talk down to me as if I am the most ignorant person on earth.

When others tell me these things, I feel as if I am a failure. Thankfully, I realized it doesn’t matter how much I fail by the world’s standards. Jesus died for failures like me. I don’t need to pass an IQ test to earn His love because, like all others, I am saved by grace. All I had to do was ask Jesus into my heart, and I can now spend eternity with Him in heaven.

The world may not give me any grace, but the Lord Jesus does. I can laugh at my failures in this world, because in heaven it won’t matter.

If you feel like a failure, remember God makes successes from the world’s failures. Believe and receive God’s grace today.

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For Whom Did Christ Die?

We love, protect, and give of ourselves to those we care about. We nurture and care for our kids and protect them from any harm and may even give up our own life for them. Giving up our life for someone would be admirable, noble, and brave—but very difficult. In fact, only love could manage the task.

Jesus said there was no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friends. When God left His throne to come to earth, He came with one purpose: to die and give His life for His lost sheep.

We were not good, admirable people but people who had no power within ourselves to love or obey God. We were His enemies, opposing and despising Him and His authority over us.

Christ came to save the ungodly. My family, spouse, children, and close friends all love me, but how do I feel about those who oppose me and everything I care about? I was this type of person—against God and everything He represents.

Those Christ came to die for did not love Him, yet He loved us. We did not deserve God’s favor, yet were shown great mercy.

Consider often what great love Christ showed in dying for you.

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Let God Ask You Questions

I question God.

My sister’s best friend Jenny died on her 21st birthday when she was hit by a drunk driver. In the short time Jenny was on earth, she accepted everyone and touched many lives with her smile. She had so much life ahead of her.

I asked God, “Why did You take her from this earth so early?” God answered my question with a question: “Do you trust Me, Carly? Do you trust Me that she is in good hands now?”

Jesus asked Peter three times if he loved Him more than others. I believe Jesus knew Peter loved Him, even though Peter would deny Him three times. Jesus wanted to expose Peter’s tendency to go along with the crowd and also forget his first love for God.

God cares about our inquiries, but He answers in the most unexpected ways. He replies to them with more questions for us to ponder. This a part of God’s wisdom. He already knows the answer, but He helps us see other side of situations and exposes our true motives. 

When a mother tells her son not to cross the street unless he looks both ways, but the son doesn’t pay attention because there is an ice cream stand across the street, she knows why he does. She still has compassion and asks for an explanation. The mother does this so the child will know it’s dangerous to cross the street without looking, even if it’s for something tantalizing.

I may never know why Jenny was taken from this life, but I know God always has our best interests at heart. And I know Jenny is in heaven watching over me and my sister.

Don’t be afraid to let God ask you questions.

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Blessed to Bless

A young man in our church was healed when he was a baby. He wasn't supposed to live, but God performed a miracle. Now, he's growing up to be a fine Christian young man.

One way God uses him in our church is through his working with a group of children in a drama team. And he loves it. 

One performance was so good that the pastor asked the group to perform the next week. That second week, all the children told the young man in front of everyone how much they appreciated his work with them. Several—including the young man’s own brother—told him God used him to bring them closer to God.

To hear the young man’s brother say that brought tears to my eyes, because everyone knew the young man shouldn't have been alive. This young teenage boy was blessed to be a blessing, and he is. 

God told Abraham if he obeyed Him he would be a blessing to others. When God blesses us, it's for His glory most of all, and it's also to bless others. It's not all about us, but it's all about blessing others for God.

When God blesses us, we should use those blessings to bless others in a way that glorifies God. That is why God blessed Abraham, and that is why God blesses us.

God may or may not make our name great in this life, but we can still be a blessing to others, even if it's as simple as giving a smile  God can use each of us to make a difference in someone's life. If we use our abilities for His glory, when we stand before Him, our reward will be great and so will our name.

Ask God to make you a blessing.

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