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Spirit and Soul is all about eternity. Life ever after with a God who has prepared a place in advance for us. Dig into the Word. Search out your heart. Contemplate where you will spend eternity. . .then choose to offer your life to God.

Be Thankful

I listened to the lyrics of the song as I drove alone to Georgia. They moved me to the point that I stopped the car.

Only a few Christian artists move me to tears. Andrew Peterson with his tender way of reaching out and receiving the love of Christ. David Phelps by the sheer beauty in his voice that I am sure sends chills over God too. And Rich Mullins, whose words take hold and make me long for the physical touch of God who loves me so much I can’t wrap my head around Him. The words they have penned over the years bore deep into my heart and strike a chord…or a nerve.

Some lyrics make me long for heaven right this minute. While others sink deeply, reminding me of my inability to attain the worthiness necessary to be called a child of God. Yet every line that moves me, draws me to a deeper longing for the one I call Abba Father. The one who created me, loves me, and longs for me too. The one who never leaves me—even when I feel as though I am shaken to the point of falling apart. And I am thankful.

Our world is in such turmoil. There are times we cry out for the chaos and rhetoric to cease. Paul reminds us of the power of God. He reassured the people that God’s kingdom is solid, and it cannot be shaken. Paul said to be thankful and to worship in awe because OUR God is a consuming fire. What a promise of hope, even when things seem hopeless. God is a consuming fire, devouring the evil of the world and devoting His faithfulness and love to us.

During this season of thanksgiving, I realize the power behind Paul’s words. We’ve had upheaval in our lives this year—tons of it. Yet God stood firmly by our side. He is not shaken, and He is a consuming fire clearing a pathway for us to follow, pressing His feet deeply into the mud so we can clearly see His footsteps. And I. Am. Thankful!

Despite the hardships or disappointments that come, look for the redeeming promises of God and rejoice. Be thankful, for our God cannot be shaken. He is faithful and enduring. He is powerful and mighty. Be thankful for our God is worthy and awesome.

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Old Faithful

It was a sad moment when the tow truck operator pulled out of my parking lot with “Old Faithful.”

Toward her end, I complained about how the seatbelt didn’t wind up correctly, and, during the summer heat, my hands turned black because part of the steering wheel rubbed off. Despite those minor problems, she was a dependable car with few problems.

I had purchased her in the spring of 2006, and she lasted until 2019. I credit much of my car's long and dependable life to my Christian car salesman. When I purchased my car, he had sat in the front seat with me and prayed for it.

As I was on my way to give the salesman the check for the car, I noticed the transmission slipped a little. Although transmission problems usually spell the death of a vehicle, this transmission held for the entire thirteen years I owned that seventeen-year old car. 

When I read that God had charged His angels to watch over me, I knew they had also watched over my car. Owning this car reminded me of one thing I learned when I was a courier: don’t take anything for granted.

As Christians, God’s angels watch over us. That doesn’t mean we will be free from difficulties, but we don’t know how many times God and His angels protect us from unknown disasters the Enemy plans for us.

Trust God to protect you. He is your rock.

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Painful Rejection

What happened was so unfair. I didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly.

I thought my women’s Bible study group would choose me to lead the group when our leader resigned. They didn’t. I was overlooked for something I counted on. I didn’t understand. Since I had been in charge of so many things in the past, I thought I was more than qualified. I even planned my acceptance speech. Did I do something? Was there someone who didn’t like me? I thought these women were my friends. How could they turn their backs on me?

I am discouraged, dejected, lost, and alone on my journey. People who are unaware of how I feel surround me. If they knew, they wouldn’t know what to say. Some would slip away rather than feel uncomfortable with my pain. I can’t seem to move forward. I don’t know which way to go. My head is spinning. I cry out to the Lord to give me strength to get through one more day. I thought these women were my friends. How could they not be there for me? I asked Jesus if He felt that way when Peter wasn’t there for Him.

I hear the Lord whisper to my heart, “My Child, you can’t change the past or see into the future. You must turn your back on what was and walk toward the light. The further you get toward the light—your future—the more the rejection of the past will fade, becoming only a memory. An amazing life awaits you. Move forward. Don’t look to others for encouragement. They are not capable of meeting your needs. Only I know the secrets of the heart, so open your mind and soul to Me. I will pour fragrant oil over you, a fresh anointing, suitable for each one I send to you. Remember, I stood alone, rejected by those closest to Me. At the time of My deepest need, everyone left me. Leave everything to me. Your life is in My hands.”

If you’re struggling to fit in—trying to make something happen that only God can—give your hopes and ambitions to Jesus. And when you are alone and discouraged, Jesus has the answers you seek.

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Rocky Road

As my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary (our tenth honeymoon), we discovered a wonderful little place in Canada called Peggy’s Cove—a tiny fishing village with a picturesque lighthouse.

We wandered around the land on the rocky Atlantic coast and saw an old white church with a brilliant red roof and steeple cap, sitting in the middle of nowhere. I took a photo of the beautiful landmark, but noticed later a street sign juxtaposed in front of the picture with the street name, Rocky Road.

Our journey with God often takes us through rough terrain—and not necessarily by His design. As I traveled biblically through the desert with the Hebrews in Exodus, I wondered how they could be so stubborn and rebellious. And as I snarked about the stiff-necked Israelites, I saw the three fingers pointing at my own ungrateful heart.

God has a plan. He’s laid out the path. He’s promised to go before us, and He’s promised never to leave or forsake us. How is it that when we have everything we need for the journey on the right path, we often choose the rocky road?

God gives us a choice. My personal journey through the wilderness has not been unlike the Israelites back in the day. I’ve been just as stiff-necked and rebellious. I hate to admit it, but I often find myself on rocky roads.

My fervent prayer was that I would once again feel the hunger for my first love. That Jesus would restore a right spirit in me so I could again let Him lead where He wanted—without me whining and seeking something better. He is the something better, and He’s right in front of me, calling out through His Word.

Daily praying through the Bible lights our way, and God goes before us like a road grader—flattening the surface so we don’t stumble.

If you find yourself on a rocky road, turn back to your first love, repent, and allow God to pave the way before you.

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Lighthouses and Cannons

"A lighthouse doesn't have to fire a cannon to be seen."

That statement can be applied to people as well. There are two kinds: those who like to sound off about all they do and those who let their deeds speak for themselves. And most of us know which type of person we would rather spend time with.

Jesus didn't say for us to tell people about our good works. He commanded that we do them openly for all to see so others could glorify our God. Doing that leaves no room for personal pride, which the Bible says goes before destruction.

The Lord doesn't even require that we accomplish great works, only that we work. Some will always find fault with what we do—perhaps because they don't understand our actions or our motives.

Such as the example of the woman who used her ointment to anoint Jesus, much to the chagrin of those around her. The onlookers felt her work was a waste of time and money. The oil could have been sold and the poor helped. But Jesus told them to leave her alone. She had done a good work. The poor would always be around—not Him.

The woman never said a word, but quietly and unashamedly went about her business. She wasn't interested in anyone's opinion or judgment except the Lord's. Her acts demonstrate it's far better to let our light shine than to loudly trumpet what we’re doing.

Choose to be a lighthouse rather than a cannon.

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