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Spirit and Soul is all about eternity. Life ever after with a God who has prepared a place in advance for us. Dig into the Word. Search out your heart. Contemplate where you will spend eternity. . .then choose to offer your life to God.

It Only Costs a Dime

"Lord, you've got to help me," she cried. "If you're with me and going to help me, let me find a dime. Not a nickel or a penny, only a dime."

Full of desperation and almost out of hope with her head hanging low, she saw it: a shiny silver dime. Just what she asked the Lord for. From that day on, she kept every dime she found. It was her rainbow from the Lord, just as the rainbow following the flood was a sign of God's promise to Noah. Her circumstances didn't change immediately, but God heard and answered.

Soon after her death, her daughter, Connie, strolled out onto the beach. As she sat in her chair and dug her toes into the warm sand after a long winter, she felt something. Leaning forward and putting her fingers into the sand, Connie found her own dime. As she sat back and dug in again, her other foot felt something hard. Again reaching down, she pulled out another dime. Now she had confirmation that God was with her as He had been with her mom.

Sometime later, Connie's son was walking down a sidewalk in another town when a shimmer in the sunlight caught his eye. Looking down, he found a dime. Knowing his grandma and mother's stories, he took a picture of the dime and sent it to his mom. Three generations of God's blessings all because Grandma trusted the Lord.

God stopped the mouths of lions, made fire that didn't burn, and parted seas and rivers. Prophets even called fire down from heaven, so why wouldn't God answer a woman's prayer in that way?

God is in the business of answering prayer. Whatever you need, ask Him.

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God Is Banking on You

I walked into my bank one afternoon … only to receive surprising news.

I wanted to redraw some money from my account, but the teller told me I couldn’t. Distressed, I sought to find out why, only to be told there wasn’t any problem. The machines worked fine, I had a good sum of money in my account, and there was enough cash in the bank to cover my request. They just didn’t want to give me the money. Before I could get furious, the security guard said, “Hello.”

I had imagined this scenario as I walked to the bank, but everything went smoothly. As I walked home, I wondered why such a situation would make me furious. It was because I do the exact same thing to the Lord.

In God’s graciousness, He deposits gifts, talents, wisdom, wealth, grace, and love into my life. But when He comes to get them for the accomplishment of His will, I refuse. I am not willing to give back what He gave me willingly.

Just like banking with a financial institution, God banks with us as well. We are His representatives on earth. He deposits treasures into us that He wants to use for His work.

If we understand this, giving willingly to God when He needs it is easier, as it was for God’s people of old. If we don’t withhold anything from Him, He won’t withhold anything from us. After all, He is not really after the things; He wants our heart.

Remember, your treasure is where your heart is.

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Shivers of Delight

He beat his tail on the ground in a frantic welcome.

My new puppy reclined on top of my Bible with wet, chewed up pieces falling out of his mouth. Crumpled moist pages lay in the spine of the binding. I walked into the room, not sure how I felt about this situation. This puppy was so delighted with my presence that he rolled over with shivers of delight. He earned his name that day. A biblical one, of course. Moses.

I think Job had a teachable spirit. He suggested to his friends that even animals could teach God is the master of all life. Job loved God and was delighted with His presence. He served God with reverence, and God’s favor was on Job. But Job had lots of bad things happen to him. He grew frustrated and impatient when he felt he had done nothing to deserve those bad things.

To some degree, we’ve all felt as Job did about life’s circumstances. Perhaps he felt far away from God’s presence. Maybe God’s word felt all chewed up and in pieces. Job cried out for justice, and God appeared to him. He reminded Job that He created the earth and oversees everything in it. Because of Job’s teachable spirit, his delight in God’s presence returned.

We don’t have to wait for God to walk into a room to delight in His presence. God makes us aware of His presence in other ways. We may not have a tail to wag, but God knows our heart. He wants us to call out to Him as Job did. He is delighted with His masterpieces.

Delight in God’s presence. Remember, you are His masterpiece.

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I Am a Worrywart

I knew I was going to get a speeding ticket when the police officer asked, “Do you know how fast you were going?”

I had been traveling between Minneapolis and Wilber, Nebraska and was concerned about how long it would take to make the trip. I made a few more stops than I anticipated but still made it there before 9 p.m.

That wasn’t the only thing I worried about during this trip. I worried about getting the groceries before the stores closed on Christmas Eve. My sister could tell I was stressed and that made her stressed, but we were finished long before the stores closed.

Earlier in the trip, on my way to Minneapolis from Illinois, I worried about the weather. The forecast changed on a dime, and meteorologists predicted Northern Iowa would get two to four inches of snow. As it turned out, driving through Iowa was no big deal.

I don’t know why I do what Paul says not to do. Worrying can be silly. The ticket brought the problem home to me. Worries are a part of life in a sin-sick world. There will always be something for me to worry about if I choose, but worrying never helps.

The question is what to do when I worry. I need to learn how to pray and to trust God for what I need—then to believe He will provide. No problem is too big or too small for Jesus.

When problems come up, don’t worry. Pray and give thanks.

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Insert Foot

My best new communication move has been the “shut up” technique.

Colossal failures in communication always occur when I fail to consult God. My latest blunder happened when I tried to coerce a person into understanding I was trying to help them. I forced my heart’s intent and motives onto someone who was on a different location than me on the spiritual path. Needless to say, it did not go well.

The Maker of the universe, the One who created the person I failed miserably at communicating with, had some excellent pointers on how that person operated. When I finally sought God’s counsel, He instructed me to shut my mouth, be still, and know He was God. When I let Him be the Lord over both me and the other person—things shifted.

God worked things out of and into our hearts. His gentle pruning needed time to take place and manifest. Once complete, He created a pathway of easy, gentle communication I never could have established on my own. The key was to be silent and wait for His work to be complete—not an easy feat.

By concentrating on being heard so I could get the answers I needed to make decisions for the upcoming mission trip, I missed Paul’s instruction. Never once did I consider that all communication should be a vehicle to distribute blessings.

Hasty words can rocket at people without regard for their hearts. God can help us re-frame our words so they bless all who hear us speak—and not just in times of prayer and love-filled conversations with people we care about but with all people God puts on our path.

Ask God to let the Holy Spirit speak through you without any hindrance and to let your mouth be firmly shut if it serves His purposes.

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