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Spirit and Soul is all about eternity. Life ever after with a God who has prepared a place in advance for us. Dig into the Word. Search out your heart. Contemplate where you will spend eternity. . .then choose to offer your life to God.

Divine Regard for the Needy

Schooling with inadequate funds comes with its own peculiar challenges.

Years ago, I was a poor student on campus, and life was not friendly to me then. My pocket money for the month was less than fifty dollars. Out of this little amount, I paid my tithe as a student. During vacation, I engaged in odd jobs for extra finances. As a result of my faithfulness in tithing to God, He saw me through my academics with good results and without experiencing carry over. Each time people gave me money, I valued it, and I have not forgotten what they did for me.

The Word of God says we should show affection to the poor who are always in need and who dwell in our midst.

Anyone who gives to the poor will never go unrewarded. Helping the poor is a worthy cause, and it comes with blessings from above. It is a sacrifice God is well pleased with at all times and a project that can save a soul.

God Almighty is a compassionate God who loves the needy and has positioned different helpers to attend them. Anyone who laughs at the needy laughs at God. God does not want us to close our ears to the cries of the needy. He wants us to help them by seeing them as vulnerable. God cares for everyone, and He does not discriminate. He wants us to do the same.

When we turn down the requests of the needy, or see them as a burden, we need to repent and make our Creator happy by assisting them. The cry of the needy ascends to God faster than the cry of the comfortable.

Do something for a needy person today.

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Where the Spirit of the Lord Is

My husband and I walked our dogs by Grant Lake on the night of the blue moon.

As I followed Olive along the bank, Tim asked me something, but I couldn’t hear him. He pointed at the lake. When I turned toward the inlet, I saw a great blue heron resting and occasionally dipping his head into the water for a drink or for minnows. I watched, fascinated by this ominous bird. As darkness covered day, he blended in with the shadows.

Tim motioned me to where he stood. The moonlight cut in just enough so that the bird remained in view. As we watched, the great bird spread its wings, lifted off, and flew across the lake. The wingspan looked enormous as he drifted over the lake with power and grace.

Like a great blue heron, the Holy Spirit hovered over the water as God created the earth. He accompanied God, just as Jesus did from the beginning.

What a blessing to know God remains close to His people. He moves over the earth in Spirit and dwells in us. The Spirit lives with me every day. He nudges me into service, gives me direction, comforts me when I am down, and rejoices with me when I am blessed.

No matter what the day may bring, the Holy Spirit guides believers. He comforts, leads, and encourages.

Spend time reading the Bible to better understand the Spirit in your life. Pray and ask God to help you recognize the Spirit's voice and nudges.

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Time to Let Go

My wife and I needed a better approach.

With the kids out of the house, we took the plunge and moved to a smaller place. Our move became a real challenge. How are we going to make all the things fit in our new tiny home? I wondered. What should we keep and what should we toss or donate?

I struggled with these questions as I sifted through our stuff. I labeled items “keep” when I no longer needed them. And others items I labeled “toss,” when in fact I needed them. I did not have a clue.

With prayer and some research, I settled on a strategy. I tossed out everything I would never use again, donated items others could use, and kept items needed at the new place—including sentimental items we would enjoy for years to come. 

As Christians, we. too, need a spiritual strategy to toss out the things that push us away from God and to keep the things that pull us toward Him. I put together a spiritual inventory of what I treasured and discovered possessions, people, and activities that affected my life in Christ.

An over-packed schedule, coupled with an exorbitant hunger for the frills of this world, weakens our bond with the One who came to save us. God wants us to avoid the earthly clutter that obstructs our pathway to Him. He celebrates every sacrifice we make to release the things in our lives for His sake. God does not want us lured away by the glitter of city lights and the potpourri of neon signs—the things the world uses to distract us. Christ Jesus is the only true Light we should seek.

Take a spiritual inventory and eliminate anything that obstructs a deeper relationship with Christ.

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Spontaneous worship and feasting together led to boisterous fellowship.

While on a ministry trip to Cambodia, I was invited to teach an English class on reading and writing to students whose first language was Khmer. Fifteen students met with me every evening for an hour, and this night was the graduation of their first-year studies.

As each student arrived by motorbike, on foot, or by open taxis called Put-Puts, cheers of greetings erupted from those already in the room. As they waited for others to arrive, one student composed a psalm on a scrap of paper. As others read the words, they broke out into an unrestrained song of praise. 

That evening, two students who were unsure of their place in the kingdom accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

Loving Jesus and one another comes from a surrendered and repentant heart which leads others into the kingdom of God.

If you doubt your position with Jesus, take a step of faith and say yes to His offer of salvation today.

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Bah Humbug or Joy to the World

Linda’s stomach churned as she braced for another Christmas family visit.

Mounting anxiety showed in her white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel during the three-hour drive to her parents’ home. She felt obligated to go, but was always ready to leave when she got there.

Yet something was different this time. She didn’t feel anxious. By the end of the day, she enjoyed the aunts, uncles, and cousins. She was even the last one to leave.

Traditionally, Christmas is a family gathering time. We either look forward to it or dread it. The atmosphere we carry determines whether we become paralyzed or joyful. Dreaded family gatherings often exist because of judgment and unforgiveness, but we can rid ourselves of the dread.

We must identify who or what is bugging us. When we forgive someone, it does not mean they were right or that we approve of their behavior. Nor does it mean we must subject ourselves to their hurt again. It means we are willing to let go of the past offense. Forgive Uncle Joe for getting drunk at the last party. Forgive Aunt Bessie for complaining about the food. Forgive the brother who arrived late. If we don’t forgive, we re-live the past offenses and add them to our list of misery.

If we muse about the upcoming event—seeing relatives as stupid jerks or insensitive slaves—we are holding judgment. With judgment over our eyes, we will never see their redeeming value. We contribute to the family chaos and find ourselves equally judged.

God wants us to repent for judging others. Repent of character assassination, either spoken or murmured. Repent of holding hidden unforgiveness. When we do this, we free ourselves to discover new relationships with our family.

For Linda, instead of remembering the things she didn’t like about the family gathering, she prepared by forgiving family members of their offenses against her and repented of her judgements against them. She discovered a new joy of being with family.

God’s plan has always been for the family unit to represent Him. The church is called a family. If we are to represent Jesus in and through our family, we need to forgive them and repent of our own sin against them.

This Christmas, step into a time of celebration through forgiveness.

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