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Spirit and Soul is all about eternity. Life ever after with a God who has prepared a place in advance for us. Dig into the Word. Search out your heart. Contemplate where you will spend eternity. . .then choose to offer your life to God.

A Firm Foundation

Gene was a good handyman, so when he decided to build a small storage shed, his wife thought it was a good idea.

However, Gene decided he wouldn’t make a foundation for the building so he could build it faster. The shed looked good at first. It was sturdy and well-built. Not having a firm foundation didn’t seem to affect the shed for several years. Then the door became hard to open because the building sagged just enough to cause the door to drag on the ground.

Over time, it became evident the shed was sinking and shifting to one side. Years later, the building was noticeably lower on the right side. Gene may have saved time, but the leaning shed bore evidence that it had been built on sinking sand.

Jesus had something to say about how we build our houses—and not only our houses but also, and more importantly, our lives. He told His listeners that those who heard and obeyed His commands were also people who built their lives on a rock.

The only firm foundation Christians can build upon is Jesus Christ. Some people build their lives’ foundations on possessions. They believe if they have a beautiful home, an expensive vehicle, or some other treasure, then they will be content. There isn’t anything wrong with these goals, but when people fail to reach them, their foundation may begin to crumble around them.

We can choose to build our foundations on things that will not last or satisfy, or we can build upon the rock of Jesus’ love and salvation. Building upon Jesus assures a firm foundation.

Have you chosen to build your life upon the firm foundation of Jesus Christ?

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Jesus Loves

When I was a little child at Sunday school, I gazed at a felt-board Jesus.

I learned about Jesus’ love for His flock, all of us. Jesus loves, all right. Now I am a senior, and I still treasure the golden glow these simple words bring to me.  

After all these years, this text still tells me that Jesus’ love is a sign God exists. God goes on existing, wanting us to go on living and loving, with a never-say-die attitude.

Love is the greatest symbol of our Christian faith. Today, I sit and pray for the blessing of Jesus’ love for everyone I know and cherish. No such prayer is a waste of time.

We can pray to develop our talents. This way we can all follow the glow of Jesus, the light of love, on our personal journey. We can keep growing in God with faith that Jesus loves.

Well, time for me to carry on with my daily routine. Really, there is no use whining. We believers shall all keep on shining with a glow. Why? because Jesus loves.

How does knowing Jesus loves make a difference in your life?

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Better with Age

Sarah Knauss of Allentown, Pennsylvania, has been listed as the longest-living person in the United States of America.

Guinness World Records recognized Knauss as living to 119 years of age. Her family specified the reason for her longevity of life: living a peaceful and tranquil life. She never let anything get her down. And she lived through some very difficult times—The Great Depression, WW II, and The Vietnam War.

When one of my Facebook friends and close acquaintances had a birthday, I responded with a “Happy Birthday” and told her I hoped all her dreams come true.

“Well, if I have any dreams, they better come true pretty quickly,” she replied.

Apparently, my Facebook friend was concerned about her time running out. A few days later, I heard a minister remark, “Every birthday I have brings me a little bit closer to my heavenly home.”

While that may be true, God can still make this life interesting for as long as we live. Remember Sarai and how she bore a son to Abraham when she was past the age of childbearing. God let these two people enjoy parenthood and fulfill their dreams even in their golden years.

We have two Sarahs here, and they both lived a pleasant and exceptionally great and fulfilling life.

At any time of our life, things can materialize if God wills it. Even in our golden years, Christ has plenty of life to give us. When He is the center of our life, we are really living, no matter what age we are or how long we have lived.

Thank God for the life and opportunities He has given you.

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The Forever Friend

We had no friendship rings, nor were we sworn to each other, but I thought our friendship would last forever.

She was my best friend in every class from kindergarten to grade five. I slept at her home, which was not something my parents encouraged. She traveled a farther distance to my school, and on parting in the evenings, I looked forward to seeing her the next day. She was kind, and I only remember one time we disagreed. I cannot even remember what it was about. It led to a short fight, but we made up.

Our friendship continued until she left for America. She promised to write. Anxiously, I looked for her letter, but it never came. In the years that followed, I hoped I would see her again and that we could renew our friendship. When I came to America as an adult, I contacted her, but I realized we were different than we were as children. Our close childhood bond was not forever.

I am thankful for Jesus, my forever best friend. He never changes or outgrows His relationship with anyone. He is divine and loves everyone the same. Everyone can claim Him as their best friend. As a friend, He loves at all times. His love is immeasurable. He died for us even while we were still sinners.

Thank God, Jesus did not remain in the grave. He rose from the dead and is now in heaven. One day, He will return for us. His promise is true. He will not be like my friend who never wrote. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. The years will not change His love for us nor will distance sever the relationship. We might change, but He does not.

Keep Jesus as your best friend. Study His Word and talk to Him. Hold Him in your heart. He is your forever friend. 

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Progress Takes Time

Perhaps one of the most difficult things when trying to turn our lives around and live righteously is being patient with ourselves.

For me, this is something I am learning to acknowledge and accept. I lived in sin for years, allowing my sinful nature to control me. Now that I am trying to change, it’s a challenge, but I must be patient with myself and understand that change takes time.

Be still and know that I am God. I think this is such a calming and fitting verse. We live in a world where everything is instant, and we like that, but when it comes to a deep and significant transformation, we must relax and trust God through the journey. Sometimes, we must be still and give God time to work within us.

When transitioning from living in sin, we must remember one crucial thing: progress takes time. Everything doesn’t just change in one step where we no longer desire our old ways of living. It’s a process to progress.

For some of us, sinful living became our norm. We don’t know life apart from it. We must take our time and ease away from our sinful nature and step into the life where our spiritual nature controls. If it’s one time the Devil will attack us the hardest, it is when we try to mess with his control. And that is why time is required to build up our spirit and walk in our new nature.

If we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. The closer we move to Him, the further we move away from our sinful ways. We can draw near to God through prayer, reading His Word, watching godly content, and worshipping. We can engage in activities where we build and deepen our relationship with Him, just as we build other relationships.

Take a minute and say, “I know where I was, I know where I want to go, and I understand it will take time.” Sometimes, you might stumble, but be patient with yourself and try again.

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