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Spirit & Trust

Trust is hard. It’s easy to say there is trust but actually taking the step – making the leap into mid-air without a visible net is the most difficult thing man can do. But with the Spirit of God our leap lands us safe in His palm.

Troubled Soul

“Ma’am, your daughter gave me your phone number. We have her here. She’s in rough shape, and we have her on a suicide watch.”

I tried to understand the words, but the fragmented sound bites made no sense. The man said her blood alcohol levels were extremely high. That no one had been hurt. My granddaughter was safe and with her father. 

“There’s an officer guarding her because of the arrest,” the monotone doctor reported to me.

“Arrest? What arrest?” I asked, trying to grapple with what the doctor said.

My daughter was in trouble. Learning my adult daughter was an alcoholic who now faced DUI and felony charges because she drove with her young child in the car, came as a shock. She hadn’t lived in my home for nearly twenty years. But still, shouldn’t I have known?

I couldn’t travel to her, but I knew God was there and well-able to intervene on her behalf. In the months that followed, I learned how to navigate treatment programs and the prison system. Each time I dropped money into an account, I prayed for God to show mercy and for my daughter to find freedom from her addiction. Each time I answered the phone, I prayed for the wisdom to know what to say and not to say. As the time for sentencing approached, I prayed fervently. My daughter was in trouble, and all I could do was pray. It seemed so insignificant.

James directs believers to pray. Prayer is an act of faith and a great weapon in times of adversity. Staying focused on the Lord keeps us from fearing outcomes and consequences and places the situation before the throne of grace. Praying about a situation means we seek an answer from God and not a manmade solution that either we or someone we know creates.

Are you troubled? Pray to God and expect Him to resolve your situation. Prayer will keep your thoughts positive and your hopes high. Rather than despair, you will be able to trust that God is working out your situation for good.

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How God Teaches Us

There was a time when my son turned his back on all his family.

I handled the situation all wrong. I ridiculed and condemned him, which only pushed him further away. This increased my agony as well. After many months of this, I turned the situation over to God. My son was still apart from me for a few years, but I knew God was caring for him. Our relationship has since been restored, and I know God was responsible for the healing. I needed to depend on Him. I learned a lesson the hard way.

Moses led the Israelites through the desert. They were thirsty and needed water. God told Moses to strike the rock with his staff. When Moses did this, water gushed out. Years later, the Israelites were at a new location in the desert and needed water again. This time God told Moses to speak to the rock. Instead of listening to God, Moses struck the rock twice. Water did flow from the rock, but Moses had to pay the consequences for his disobedience. God forbade him to enter the Promised Land.

God has granted us eternal life through the blood of Jesus Christ. Once we believe in Jesus and are given this gift from God, He will never take it away. But sin still resides in our lives. When we sin, consequences follow. God doesn’t want us to keep sinning, so when we do, He sends negative results. That’s how He teaches us the difference between right and wrong.

God never stops loving us, and He will never push us away. Because of His love as our heavenly Father, He will sometimes teach us in ways we might not like.

What are some things you have learned from God?

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Trust the Reliable

Each summer, I make the long drive from Virginia to Delaware.

To get there, I must drive five hours, which involves crossing the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel Bridge—the bridge and tunnel account for twenty miles of the trip. When I get to the middle of the bridge, I cannot see land in either direction.

The first time I made the trip I felt a little panicky when I got to this point. But I kept reminding myself that engineers had designed the bridge and tunnel using their expert skills and knowledge, making the risk of danger low. With this assurance, I take a deep breath and enjoy the drive with confidence in the designer.

As Jesus reminds us, no one, including Christians, makes it through this life without a few bumps and bruises. Challenges are a part of life, and they can be scary at times.

When I have experienced the fear of the unknown or the fear of what I knew would not end well, such as the death of my husband from Alzheimer’s, I trusted the Designer of all life. God has never failed me, even when I did not have a clear view of the future. He knows and sees what I cannot. Putting my faith in Him is based on experience.    

People often question the faith of Christians, as though we are somehow moving through life giddy and floating high on a false sense of security. Unbelieving family, friends, and acquaintances think we dismiss reality altogether. They ask, “Where is God amidst all the suffering and calamities happening in the world?” We, however, can put our faith in a reliable God.

Are you trusting God to guide you through every life circumstance?

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Never Satisfied

I once heard a pastor tell his congregation how he wanted a fancy car when he was in Bible college.

He told them how he had sold several vehicles by buying one and selling it for enough money to buy another car and then selling it. He enjoyed getting the money from the sale, but he didn’t like the vehicles he bought—or at least he didn’t like having the car for long.

One day, he finally bought the nice car he had wanted for so long. But after two weeks, he lost his excitement about it too. Through his experience, the Lord taught him that material things never satisfy, nor can money.

We all need to remember that nothing can fulfill us as Jesus can and does. This is what Jesus told the woman at the well.

Jesus needed to go through Samaria. His disciples were probably shocked over this because the Jews hated the Samaritans. But Jesus went because of this woman. She had been looking for love in so many wrong places.

Following her example is easy. We look for satisfaction in the wrong places. This can even happen to us as Christians, just as it did to the pastor who craved that special car. 

Ask God to help you keep Him as the ultimate focus of your life. 

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An Answered Prayer

My stomach knotted as I faced the airport exit.

People crowded onto the escalator, each searching for their next gate and flight. The calm tone of my friend’s voice on my phone was the only thing that kept me from running back to my car and driving away. What did I think when I agreed to this meeting? Would we recognize one another, or would he walk right past me?

Then I saw him. To this day, I don’t know how I knew it was him. I just did. He was a short man, had a bit of a belly, and was dressed in a blue Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops as if ready for the beach. I felt my heart pound as he made his way down the escalator. I tried not to stare, but to my amazement, he recognized me too.

Without hesitation, he walked right up to me and gave me a big hug. As we reunited after twenty-four years, I thanked God for answering the prayer I had prayed for so long—that someday I’d be able to meet my biological father.

Jesus urges us to continue to knock on the door of heaven until we receive an answer. From God’s perspective, praying continually has value. God is still found in His temple, reigning as King over everything. He sees and understands the whole picture. Jesus, seated at God’s right hand, constantly intercedes for us while the Father listens to His prayers.

Nothing can happen on earth that Jesus’ heavenly rule will not prevail over. These are all reasons we can trust God to answer our prayers in His perfect timing.

Pray the impossible prayer. Trust God to make it possible in His time.

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