A Devotion May Be Someone's Only Bible

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Melody Morrison

Melody Morrison was born a musician and poet, playing piano by ear at four and writing her first poems and songs at six. Growing up as the preacher’s daughter in a family of six, life centered around family and church activities. After too much education, she spent many years teaching music, theatre, and special education while acting, singing in and directing church choirs, and writing articles, Bible studies, curriculum, stories, scripts, and musicals. The mother of four grown children who married and were fruitful and multiplied to produce seven grandchildren, she enjoys spending time being Gramma and getting to know these remarkable individuals. She and her husband travel and make beautiful music together. Melody’s greatest passion is encouraging people of every age and background to recognize and celebrate their own value as treasures of the Creator of the universe. She prays her efforts by the grace of God will support this endeavor.

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