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Torrential Waves

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.  Psalm 42:7 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.

My husband came home with a corned beef brisket, but without potatoes to go with it—although he had seen a car in the parking lot with a trunk full of potatoes.

Our DNA makes us rise above our circumstances. Some do that by taking all they can get. Others simply adapt. There’s no such thing as life without loss so we adjust as best we can.

Did the Coronavirus take us through a winnowing? Or did nature simply impart a brutal blow? Only God knows. The good news is God is the source of our strength, hope, and endurance. God is with us. Because His Spirit lives in us through the grace of our Savior, we are never alone.

Humans have survived the Spanish flu pandemic, polio outbreaks, smallpox, hurricanes, tsunamis, 911, and countless other crises. And we still manage to deal with pregnancy, birth, broken bones, seasonal illnesses, and natural death right in the middle of other catastrophes.

During this time of quarantine and isolation, we’ve witnessed both selfishness and goodwill. The greed of some has left others in need. Yet there has also been an outpouring of empathetic love between individuals with whom we may not have otherwise connected. To those who act selfishly, we have an opportunity to forgive and give generously to demonstrate the love and mercy of Christ.

In times of trial when we’re weak, we see the strength and goodness others bring to us. This is the power of God at work in His people. Life is a complex pattern of intertwined energies that we cannot begin to fathom. God in His heaven sees it all, and every sparkling droplet of life has its place and purpose in the vast ocean of His universe.

When torrential waves rush in, hold fast to the One who commands them. Trust Him, hope in Him, watch Him, and be amazed by Him.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Anne Hughes

Anne Hughes is an eMentor who trains and assists individuals with disabilities to find work-from-home remote-call-center jobs. When not working, she writes, creates faith memes to share, and spends time with her family.