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That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.  Genesis 2:24 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.The job of a mother never ends.

Until our children grow up and have their own children, they never fully grasp that concept. Mothers have a unique bond with their offspring. Nature makes it clear the nurturing instinct never really leaves.

I watched a nature show recently about a mother bear and her three cubs. It was amazing to see her caring instincts when her babies strayed too far or ventured into potentially harmful situations. The mother bear exhibited heightened senses even when she slept. If one cub shifted, her eyes opened, and she scooped them closer to her body—before snuggling back into a semi-rest. As the cubs grew more independent, this momma slowly loosened her grip until she finally allowed them to go their own way. As they did, she stood watch until they were gone. When she could no longer see her cubs, she reared and wailed toward the sky. She wept.

This emotional moment took me back to when I said a final farewell to my youngest son. He’d packed his car, took a last look, and then kissed me goodbye. As his car disappeared, a wail of loss rang through me. Although he wasn’t leaving me to marry, he was grown. The thought of his dependence on me ending sobered me. I could suddenly relate to that momma bear. Proud of this graduation, yet mourning the end of a season.

I’ve entrusted a second son into the hands of a beautiful woman who loves him deeply. I must admit, the moment of giving up that care was no different. A mother’s job is never done. We are instructed to let our sons and daughters mature, leave home, and even marry. To allow the growth of a new relationship and a new family to happen. It’s a new season. I have done my job as a mother. But that doesn’t mean my relationship ends with my child. It simply soars to a new level.

Mother’s Day allows a mom time to reflect on when she once nestled her babies in that special place. It’s the crowning moment when we can step back and bask in the pride of the men and women they’ve become. They will always be our babies, so we continue to pray for them and offer guidance and direction when needed.

As a mother, you’ve successfully completed the task entrusted to you. Never stop praying, never stop loving, and never stop being grateful for the moments you share with them. God has blessed you with children—the jewel in your crown.   

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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