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Out of Tune

Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my sojourning.  Psalm 119:54 ESV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.The conductor enters. Out of respect and anticipation, there is a hush as he raises his baton.

The concert hall is abuzz with excitement. Audience members engage in conversation. Some are calling to friends and some are whispering to the person in the next seat. Their voices blend with the random notes of the orchestral instruments tuning for the performance. Then, as the concert master rises and begins to tune all the instruments to the standard A 440, silence falls. The dissonance of sound blends to one note.

But what causes all these instruments to go out of tune? Reasons range from extremes of temperature and humidity to damage, age, or defective tuning pegs and devices.

Psalm 119 employs word, law, saying, statutes, way, commandments, path, testimonies, precepts, and judgments as names for God’s Word. In verse fifty four, David, the sweet singer of Israel, finds his song from the Word of God. In his journey and in his solitudes, he was familiar with the statutes of God. Through his words, we find that the sweetness of a melody celebrates times of blessing and can be like a cool rain during difficult times.

As children of God, we are created to be His instruments, but the seasons of life often require our re-tuning. The searing heat of a painful wilderness experience, the damage of a crushed spirit, the drought of missed blessings, or the placing of faith on the wrong foundation can all cause the song of our lives to go sour.

This world is the house of our pilgrimage. We are sojourners and tourists, not permanent residents. During this residency, God’s laws are to be our songs until we reach our true home.

The Word of God is our definitive source and authority for finding understanding—a song in all of life’s seasons. So whether we are sorting through all the voices clamoring for our attention or whether we’re sorting through the weighty noise of life’s trials, we can be still and look for the word and direction of our Lord Jesus Christ—the Master Conductor.

In your uniqueness, tune your song to His song as you continue your life’s journey.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Bonnie Lancaster-Johnson

Bonnie Lancaster-Johnson has served in full-time music and worship ministry for over twenty years and has a performance background in professional theatre. Married for twenty-five years to her husband, Jimmie, she has a passionate faith, enjoys many creative endeavors, and is thankful for the spiritual legacy of a mother and father who now reside with Jesus.