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Vessels of Clay

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.  2 Corinthians 4:7 NKJV

Imagine yourself in a desperate situation deprived from the life-giving element of water.

You desperately seek to quench your thirst by finding a vessel full of water. The splendor of the vessel is meaningless because you are seeking to quench your thirst by the water the vessel holds. The vessel is simply the medium to quench your desperate situation.

We are vessels used by the Lord to impart the living water of the Lord to desperate people around us. We can get so consumed with our outward presentation that we don’t seek to be filled with the Lord ourselves.

The fullness of the Lord is what people are seeking in our testimonies. The vessel apart from the water is of no use to anyone. But a vessel full of water is a life-giving element used to save many. By the same token, the water without the vessel falls to the ground. The vessel and water work hand in hand as a tool to those who thirst. The vessel is not greater than the life-giving water, but the vessel is a part of the relationship.

We are joint heirs with Christ, and apart from Him we are of little use to the world around us. In the relationship with the Lord, we are a vital part of the call to the Great Commission. We are united in Him for great things, and we have been refurbished to receive and give His love. We can get so caught up on the outward that we fail to see the importance of the transformation going on inside of us.

When we are full of Christ, we can pour out His unconditional love and purpose to those who are dying from sin. You will never feel perfect or ever achieve perfection in the body on earth, but the Lord is filling the cracks in your vessel and creating depth within your soul for great things. The pain and discomfort is only a temporary feeling compared to the glory that will be revealed in your testimony. 

You are saved by God’s mighty grace and have been perfected by His love. You are a beautiful vessel ready to be used by the Lord to affect the world around you. 

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Josh Clevenger

Josh Clevenger is the pastor of Cory Zion Church in Cory, Indiana. He is a husband, father, pastor, author, and evangelist. Josh has numerous books in publication, along with an active outreach ministry. He wants people to feel connected to God’s grace and experience the comfort of His mercies. Follow Josh Clevenger Ministries to get daily encouragement from the Lord.