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Darkness and Light

Blessed are they that mourn.  Matthew 5:4

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Thomas Kincaid is the “Painter of Light” for sure.

Thomas Kincaid’s paintings have a magical quality. His use of yellows and whites attract the eye and hold it there. What a gift. Beyond what’s on the canvas, Kincaid injects God into his work and tells the story of the true master of light, the “light of the world.”

On deeper reflection, there is another force at play in these paintings and in life itself: the darkness. If the artist only painted with whites and yellows, the paintings would be formless and bland. But when the light is placed in the darkness, awesome things happen. The darkness is exposed. Without the light, the darkness would not be visible. And when the light is placed in the darkness, the light is magnified and emphasized. In the spiritual realm, glorified.

If our lives were only shades of yellow and white and no darkness ever entered, we wouldn’t know the power of the light. If we never felt burdens, sorrows, or pains, we wouldn’t praise the One who brings comfort.

It seems like a paradox to say those who are happy are those who mourn, but it’s true. When we are in our darkest hour, God shines the brightest. When we lose sight of all we have, we can view Him in His fullest.

The darker the night, the brighter God’s light. Mourn and He will comfort you.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Gary Griffin

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