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Divine Discovery

Keep me as the apple of the eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.  Psalms 17:8 NIV

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I was caught. Generally speaking, getting caught is normally thought of as something derogatory. Some wrong action exposed. Some secret discovered. Something in one’s present or past that caused them to now be viewed in a different light.

However, there are positives associated with being caught and life-changing experiences in being discovered. 

I’ve had several discoveries in my life. I have discovered and experienced the joys of parenthood, family, and lasting friendships, as well as the joy of childhood memories. There’s one particular memory that remains fresh in my mind. It’s the game of Hide and Seek.

Many of us played and loved this game. Perhaps today our own children and grandchildren play this game that has thrilled children for ages past. We’d laugh, squeal, and quickly hurry off to locate the best hiding place where we were least likely be discovered. The object of the game is to hide and wait for someone to seek you. 

With God, it’s the reverse. If we seek Him, we will find Him and then He will hide us. . .under the shadow of His wings. He’ll keep us safely protected like a mother hen’s strong wings protect her young. He will uphold us as we endure life’s most overwhelming and trying circumstances. This is His promise in Psalms. 

I was caught by God. . .arrested by His love. I continually experience divine discoveries as I learn more of Him and watch His mighty power and faithfulness unfold.

Seek Him today. His promises are guaranteed. If you allow your heart to do the seeking, He’ll do the hiding. 

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Carmen Harris

Carmen Harris is an aspiring writer to the glory of God. She has submitted devotions and has a published devotion in Women At The Well - Volume II, published by Judson Press. She is an evangelist and missionary, and has taught Bible study at her local church. She is passionate about the cause of Christ. Carmen desires for God to use her writings to help encourage and impact the lives of others, leading them to a rich, ongoing relationship with God.