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Don't Know Much about Electricity

I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.  Job 42:5

Photo courtesy of pixabay.I appeared to have aced all sections on electricity and its applications, but I didn't have a working knowledge of electricity.

My neighbor and my brother-in-law both expressed concern about a low-hanging electrical wire above the back porch of my mother's farm house. The task to contact the electrician for scheduling the repair fell to me. From middle school through college, I earned high marks in science courses. Even though much of my coursework was rigorous and demanding, I found myself saying to my brother-in-law, "Write me a script on what to say about this wire."

Often, this is true in our lives. We know about God. We may even have the jargon of the rituals down, but we don’t have a relationship with the God of the universe through His Son Jesus. Jesus’ heart, spirit, and Word don’t affect our decisions, affections, and purpose for living.

Job knew God intimately, but God allowed Satan to use adversity to try to turn Job away from his Redeemer. Job questioned the lack of response from God when immense adversity befell him—even though he had served God faithfully. Finally, Job admitted his initial reaction was like my understanding of electricity. He had heard of God, but in the end Job received first-hand experience of God’s power.

Being a believer means embracing Jesus as the only way of having our sins forgiven and being made right with God. As a forgiven child of God, a continual prayerful study of God's Word can counteract the tendency to do religion by rote. Instead, a daily study of the Scriptures provides the backdrop for an ongoing understanding of who God is and how He desires to work in our lives.

Maybe I can muddle by on my lack of knowledge about electricity, but, like Job, I need an intimate understanding of Jesus to permeate my daily life.

Don’t only search the Bible for knowledge but also to see the clear way to come to Jesus in faith. Then obey Him in every aspect of your existence.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Bernadean J. Gates

Bernadean J. Gates, a retired elementary teacher, resides with her mother—a wickedly sharp 92-year-old, on her mother’s farm. Bernadean cares for their small herd of cattle. Her collaboration with her deceased father entitled Okie over Europe—recounting his military experience as a B-17 upper turret gunner, was published just prior to his death in 2015. She has been published in numerous periodicals, a short story anthology, and on her blogsite at https://bernadeanjgates.blogspot.com.