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The Buddy System

Bear one another’s burdens.  Galatians 6:29 ESV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.On a Saturday, my contractor tore into me.

I was the unsuspecting target of his tumultuous tirade—yelling, demanding answers he had already been given on the detailed design, accusing me of falsehoods, manipulating, turning the tables, pouting, shaming, bullying. He finished by giving me the silent treatment and more, all within the span of five minutes. His attack left me reeling and bewildered.

Thankfully, I had a friend over at the time. Her presence bolstered my shaky soul, keeping me from melting in fear or bawling like a baby. Borrowing courage from her easy demeanor and gathering strength from her “no-dog-in-the-hunt” position stabilized me. Whether she knew it or not, she helped me carry my burden.

I calmly engaged my contractor and attempted to work out the dicey situation. After a few minutes, we talked through the tangle. Things were tense, but his decibel level returned to a near normal range. Still, the edge on his words and terse delivery were weighty. My friend interjected, valuing his craftsmanship while gently offering another perspective. She moderated with grace and honored him as an individual.

My friend was present again when the contractor arrived on Monday morning. His humble acknowledgment of being out of control and responding with old behaviors cleared the air. His admission brought instant reconciliation, evaporating the residual tension in my heart. When he said he recognized how much he needed God, tears brimmed in my eyes. Most guys hate to see women cry, so I forced the faucet tightly and let out a hearty, “Hallelujah!” instead.

I thanked the contractor for his apology, then added how blessed I was by the declaration of his need for God. A need, I assured him, I required as well. Daily.

Doing life together is a profound blessing. Having my friend present during the mess … and then the miraculous …made the entire incident holy. Her willingness to engage was like someone dashing in to help carry a one hundred pound suitcase. By grabbing a part of the burden, she lifted the weight that threatened to crush me.

Now I watch for opportunities to lighten someone else’s load. Whether it is a word of encouragement, a listening ear, or a hand with their struggle, I want to do for others what my friend did for me.

Will you join me and purpose to lighten someone’s load this week?

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Nancy Gibson

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