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When We Trust

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.  Isaiah 26:4 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.“I know it’s tough. We just have to trust.”

The sweet little checkout gal was trying hard to make the best of an awkward situation.

“Trust in what?” the customer snapped. “A crazy president?” she asked and tossed a popular “fake-news” magazine on the counter.

The customer was two ahead of me in the checkout, and reaching her to comment was impossible, short of crawling over two buggies. The clerk smiled, avoiding any further comment.

That’s when it really hit me just how lost our world is. Those who believe are far outnumbered by those who don’t, but this lady’s comment really drove home the lost and hopelessness of the world.

Isaiah tried diligently to remind the people not to lose hope. He established the praise of God’s coming kingdom. Trust, he said. Trust for God is your eternal hope—your rock. He worked hard to tell a waning people their trust in the Lord was vital. Isaiah knew God never let His people down, nor did His love ever falter for them. If he could only make that clear, they would see hope.

We live in a scary time, but honestly, every “time” has its issues that grab at us and encourage us to doubt. Trust is hard. Hard because we’re a stubborn people who think we have control over every situation—like cancer, heart attacks, or COVID. When our trust is laid firmly in mankind, we are surely set up to fail, for people are imperfect. The only place our trust is secure is in the hands of God.

Begin your day on your knees. Pray for the healing of a lost world. Live out your trust in a God who does not fail. Let the world see through you that trust in God sustains. He is without a doubt, our rock and redeemer. Through your actions, others will see the peace you are afforded through your trust in Christ, and when the worlds sees, they will wonder and want. Then and only then, when they want, will they receive.

Be the servant who trusts, waits, and believes, for God is faithful when we trust.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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