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Holding My Father's Hands

So don't be afraid. I am here, with you; don't be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, help you. I am here with My right hand to make right and to hold you up.  Isaiah 41:10 (The Voice)

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Beth, Belinda, Susan and I sang some of Daddy’s favorite hymns and songs in four-part harmony. He trained his girls to perform just as his mother had taught him and his sister to perform for Vaudeville. He played the piano and we sang even before our eyes were level with the ivory keys.

No longer able to join in with his eloquent tenor, Daddy gazed up at me from his bed, a hint of a smile on his lips. Trembling, he reached for me, and with a raspy voice whispered, "Hold my hand."

I enfolded his boney cool hand in mine. He gripped my fingers, staring at me through fear-filled, glazed eyes. I wondered what terrors flooded his heart and mind. I smiled at him and stroked the thin, pale hand that once danced across the ivory keys of the piano.

Our heavenly Father is the I Am. We can trust Him. He says we don’t need to fear or be dismayed because He is with us. He promises never to leave us. He is all-powerful and able and willing to strengthen us and hold us up.

I knew my heavenly Father could bring peace and comfort to Daddy. I drew comfort and strength in knowing God cradled Daddy in His warm embrace.

Finding assurance in another of Dad’s favorite hymns, I crooned to him as my sisters softly joined me. The words of truth blanketed Daddy, his eyes closed, and his grip loosened on my fingers. The Father’s loving presence replaced Daddy’s fears with peace. Holding God’s hand, Daddy’s spirit left his frail body and flew away to a new home on the celestial shore.

Regardless of what you’re going through, God is with you and will strengthen and help you. Place your trust in His love and faithfulness, and you will live and rest in His peace. The I Am is with you.

Allow God to hold you up with His righteous right hand and bring you peace.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Jan Willis

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