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Mind Vacation

Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10 NKJV

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)Computers, ereaders, iphones, ipads, cell phones, electronic games. The list could go on and on of all the technology that has invaded our space. All these things are supposed to make our lives easier, faster, and simpler. But they seem to rob us of intimacy, create more frustration, and breach our privacy. 

Albert Einstein said, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” 

Some of these things become addictive and some people actually spend their entire day with a gadget. You see people texting while driving, texting while walking (both dangerous), or with a cell phone stuck to their head like it’s a third ear. 

What did we do before all these so-called inventions were in our lives? We talked to people face to face, we sent a letter at the post office with a stamp on it, and we got junk mail in the mailbox instead of the inbox. And we survived. 

All these technological inventions are wonderful to have and we all enjoy using them. However, the key is to manage their uses and not become overly dependent on them or let them steal too much of our time. 

It’s important to have downtime in our day. After everything we are bombarded with during work, school, or running errands, it’s tempting to grab an electronic device for entertainment or relaxation, but that can be counterproductive. Our minds need a vacation. 

To be still and know that He is God requires shutting everything off, reading His Word, and just listening. Enjoy the quiet, let your mind rest, and hear what God is saying. 

You will be amazed at how refreshed you can be when no devices are running in the background of your life. Enjoy your technology, but don’t let it rule you. 

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)

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Barbara Latta

Barbara Latta’s desire is to help others find intimacy with God through a deeper understanding of the power of the Word. She writes a monthly column in her local newspaper and contributes to devotional websites and online magazines and has stories in several anthologies. She enjoys riding motorcycles with her husband. Their rides inspired her book, God’s Maps, Stories of Inspiration and Direction for Motorcycle Riders. Barbara’s blog can be found at www.barbaralatta.blogspot.com. She has two grown sons and one daughter-in-love and adores being Mimi to her granddaughter.


  1. Yes! We need this. It takes daily discipline but we can do it if we shut-down, breathe deeply, and enjoy. Thank you, Barbara!

  2. So true!

  3. Barbara....Thanks for a great reminder. Shutting off electronic devices is so important if we want to hear God. I shared your message with my Facebook friends. I have also written for Cindy in the past and Eddie Jones published my book. Have a blessed day.