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Honor Her

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.  Luke 2:19 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.It was 398 square feet.  My heart sank. Would Mom accept this?

After three weeks between the hospital and rehab, decisions were imminent concerning Mom’s care. Until February, she was driving without issue. Now her legs were weak and her blood pressure plummeting, causing her to pass out.

I’m proud of my mother. She’s a wonderful momma who encouraged me, supported me, and taught me to be a jack-of-all-trades. These decisions were not what my brother nor I ever anticipated, especially with Mom being mentally perfect. Her ninety-year-old physical body is simply uncooperative.

We dreaded the conversation. She has always been compliant with us on her health matters, but this was different. Asking her to give up her 2500-square-foot home for an assisted living apartment that gives Tiny House Hunters a run for their money, hurt. She needed to be safe should she fall again. We were lucky this time. All she sported was a nasty black eye.

We nuzzled close and explained how much we feared for her safety if she continued to live alone. She was quiet before she teared up and asked, “Is this where I will spend the rest of my life?” Even with the assurance her home would remain available for her, it was heartbreaking.

Imagine what circulated through Mary’s mind. Finding out she was an unwed mother and that her son would be the Savior of the world was a blessing and a curse. It was overwhelming. Still, she took in the upcoming season of her life, pondered it, cherished it, and moved ahead. Scripture speaks little about Mary, but we know she followed Jesus at times as He traveled—watching, listening, pondering. Finally, sitting slumped at His feet as blood puddled around her knees. She knew this would come, yet wished it wouldn’t.

We are fortunate to have Mom after ninety years. And though the realization to her—and us—that more is behind her than ahead, we are blessed. Mom ponders all she has stored in her heart from days past—friends, family, and adventures—and willingly walks into this new season with gratitude.

This Mother’s Day, spend time pondering the love of your own faithful mother. If you are one who did not have that, rejoice in the life she has given you and what you have made of it. Honor your mother.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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