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Help, Lord!

Bend down, O LORD, and hear my prayer; answer me, for I need Your help.  Psalm 86:1 NASV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.I had completed ten each of body-strengthening exercises on the fitness equipment near the high school track, but couldn’t figure out how to get up.

My Healthy Hearts women’s group were there together, but we were not high schoolers.

And there I was, lying on a bench with two hydraulic levers above me that I had been pushing up and pulling down. After an hour of sweaty exercise, I was ready to get up—but couldn’t.

The bench was narrow with no room for me to push up with my arms. I tried pulling down on the levers, but when my shoulders reached their level my legs wiggled all over the place. I collapsed on the skinny bench. I tried again. Same results.

Our trainer, Cailin—affectionately known as "TL" for Torture Leader—had gone to the track to pick up her cooler of water and was unaware of my dilemma. The other ladies had gathered at the far end of the fitness area. My only solution was to cry for help. I used that one helpful word: "Help!" I didn't need to explain my dilemma; I just needed to cry out.

My cry worked. Ladies spun around in alarm and rushed toward me. Sweet Anna was the first to arrive. She bent forward, stuck out her two hands, and grasped mine—pulling me up to a seated position. We all laughed as my muddle became evident and my rescue was accomplished. 

Our vigilant heavenly Father is on the ready to grasp our hands and pull us up, too. We only need to recognize our helplessness, know His nearness, and use that one helpful word: "Help!" He knows our dilemma. He will bend down, extend His everlasting arms, and pull us up.

Cry out to God. He’s always ready to help.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Ginny Merritt

Ginny Merritt lives with her husband Ray in a small New York town on the Erie Canal. They recently retired from thirty-four years in the ministry. They are renovating a home built around 1860 and are enjoying being closer to their daughter, son, and two grandsons. Ginny has published two books through Journeyforth, a division of BJU Press: an early reader chapter book, A Ram for Isaac, and a children’s novel, The Window in the Wall.


  1. I loved this Ginny. Thanks for sharing. I tend to forget God is just one cry for help away.