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What Kind of Cloud Are You?

Consider God's wonders . . . Do you know how the clouds hang poised, those wonders of Him who is perfect in knowledge?  Job 37:14b, 16 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.Clouds fascinate me.

My eyes fixate on the sky, mesmerized by their vast array of shapes, colors, and sizes. White cottony clouds. Dark menacing clouds. Rain clouds lined with golden sunlight. Early morning clouds tinged in pink. Hazy clouds set against a blazing orange canvas. Churning minute by minute, the sky displays a kaleidoscope of tinted textures and hues.

My interest is piqued most by a mixture of big billowy dark clouds and white cottony ones that seem to emerge right after a summer rain. What attracts my curiosity is the way they overlap. Dark clouds hover over the horizon, low enough you could almost poke them with your finger and release a deluge of rain. Then, peeking out from behind these dark billowy clouds are the fluffy cottony clouds framed by the brilliant sun. Both are set against a backdrop of azure blue. The mixture of hues is stunning.

The combination of dingy and bright reminds me of my life. Some days my countenance is dark. One—often innocent—remark pokes my emotional surface and brings forth a flood of tears. Offended and hurt, my demeanor displays the appearance of deep-gray ominous storm clouds hovering over the earth ready to erupt. With my somber mood roiling inside, I anger easily and often say words I can’t take back. My words leave a path of destruction. Rebuilding is cumbersome, awkward, and slow.

Then there are days when my disposition is sunny and bright. It doesn’t take much for a smile to radiate upon my face. The tiniest things bring me joy, such as the sweet song of a robin outside my bedroom window on a summer morning.

Finding pleasure in the unique moments God creates challenges me. I can cling to the unpleasant and allow its darkness to affect my behavior or seek the wonder wrapped in each encounter. I can allow negativity to pierce my mood or invite God’s radiant love to wrap my soul in warmth and protect my heart.

Be the kind of cloud that lets brightness and radiance win in your life.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Sheryl M. Baker

Sheryl M. Baker enjoys bringing hope and encouragement through God's Word. Her devotions have appeared in Light from the Word, The Secret Place, Power for Today, and christiandevotions.us. She is a contributing author to Yvonne Lehman’s books, Spoken Moments, More Christmas Moments, and Loving Moments. Sheryl lives in northwest Indiana with her husband Ben and spoiled cat Rex. Connect with Sheryl at sherylmbaker.wordpress.com or spunbythepotter.com.