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Confessions of a Speed Addict

Jesus told him, "What you are about to do, do quickly."  John 13:27 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.As an addict, cravings crowd my mind.

The hankering I have for haste translates into a lifestyle of rushing myself and my forbearing husband. And what would be a compelling illustration to convey my conviction against slow living? The laptop’s black cursor blinks on as I brainstorm this question. Nothing comes up. Hmph!

But since I hurry John habitually, perhaps I can mine his memory for a few examples. I scurry to scrutinize him.

“John, please tell me how I’ve rushed you. But keep reorganizing the garage. Don’t let me stop you.”

He sighs at my perennial pursuit to make him go go go. “Audrey,” he explains, “I need to think to tidy up the place and respond to your request. Can’t multitask.” He takes a seat. Wrinkles his forehead. Flips through his mental rolodex.

The tapping of my sandal saturates the waiting air. Silence stretches, swelling my angst like helium expanding a balloon, until the tension pops. “Hurry,” I urge him.

He shoots me a knowing look, which I decipher immediately. The elusive example I had been groping for has just hatched. We combust into chuckles, mine sounding slightly sheepish.

Do you share my fondness for fast? No offense, but our addiction is unbiblical. Since patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit, God frowns upon anything un-slow. Or so I thought until I read what Jesus said to Judas: What you are about to do, do quickly.

Whoa—Jesus sanctions quick? There must be no divine displeasure against speed in general. But what about rushing? The verse swirled around my thoughts, settling into insights. Rushing fears time—as in running out of time. Quick prizes time by moving efficiently. Rushing adds anxiety. Quick doesn’t. Rushing prioritizes velocity over quality, which can lead to mistakes, which calls for corrections, which costs more time. Quick means thoughtful, which ultimately preserves time.

Absolutely anyone can live rushed. But to respond with speed sans stress—what being quick is about—requires the Lord’s aid.

If you’re a fellow addict, what if we enter rehab together? Let’s ditch our dependence on pace and rely on God’s grace instead. Let’s, uh, ban the word hurry from our lips.

Would You please change me quickly, Lord?

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Audrey Davidheiser

Audrey Davidheiser is a licensed psychologist, speaker, and author of Surviving Difficult People: When Your Faith and Feelings Clash. Her passion is to promote spiritual and emotional wholeness. She devotes her Southern California practice to treat trauma in adults and couples. Visit her on www.aimforbreakthrough.com and Instagram @DrAudreyD.