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A Baker's Devotion

Taste and see that the Lord is good.  Psalm 34:8 NKJV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.I fingered through a cookbook’s fragile pages until I found the cake recipe I wanted.

I read the directions and smiled when I saw “pinch of salt” and “stir briskly 80 strokes.” I was thankful for the modern-day convenience of my Kitchen Aid mixer. I gathered all five ingredients, baffled by the simplicity of the recipe.

“There must be something missing,” I mused. Being a baker myself, I decided to tweak the recipe by adding more baking powder—since so little leavening was used. I changed the buttermilk to whole milk and added oil, worried the cake would be dry.

The cake was a disaster. Gummy in texture with a flavor that seemed off, the cake rose too high and too fast in my oven—creating a mess.

Disappointed, I cleaned up while blaming the recipe. Then I remembered I hadn’t followed the author’s directions, but my own. With my now clean kitchen offering a clean slate, I went to work. This time, I didn’t add or tweak any of the ingredients. I even stirred the 80 strokes by hand. Soon, the buttery smell wafted through the kitchen, and I was thrilled to see the golden-brown dome through the oven door. Before I tasted it, I knew it was perfect.

Later, sitting with a warm slice of butter cake and a cup of tea, I turned to Psalm 34:8: “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man (or woman) who trusts in Him!”

I had tasted and seen the results of my attempts at goodness. It wasn’t pretty. I had complicated things and messed with an already great recipe. I do this a lot. God gives me good things, and I doubt His goodness. I don’t trust Him, but trust in myself and my own efforts instead.

Sometimes, what God has for us is simple: a picnic with our children on a summer day, a walk to see the fall leaves with a friend, or a humble meal with those we love. God’s goodness is rich and satisfying.

Instead of wanting more or adding to what God has already done, trust Him with a happy heart and be ready to receive every rich morsel. 

(Photo courtesy of pixabay). 

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Julie Manwarren

Julie Jeffery Manwarren is a forty-something married mother of two. She is an aspiring writer who loves all things creative. For the past nine years, she has owned and operated a bakery out of her home. On top of writing and baking, Julie enjoys decorating, planning events for her church and community, and spending time with her husband Phil, their two teenagers, and God—who continues to amaze her with His goodness.


  1. Great story, Julie! Makes me long for an hour or two at the canoe launch . . .

  2. Love this Jule! Thank you for listening to God's leading, and sharing this. He is truelly amazing, and I am so blessed every day by His care for me and the smallest of details in my life ! :)