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Choose the Good Part

But Martha was distracted with much serving, and she approached Him and said, "Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me."  Luke 10:40 NKJV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.I skipped the second half of the football game to watch moonflowers open in our backyard.

I could’ve set up a video camera during half-time to capture the blooming cycle. A quick dash back to the couch for the second half whistle and a check mark would’ve marked the completion of yet another task. “Multi-task” is my middle name. Even when I watch a football game, duties distract me: laundry, cooking, paying bills, washing dishes. Juggling chores while I’m trying to relax is a badge I wear with pride.

Martha was an intense hostess—so much to do and no one to help her. She probably also worried about her normal household obligations that were going unattended with a guest in the house. She complained to Jesus about Mary’s failure to help out. How could Mary think it appropriate to sit and listen to Jesus when there was food to prepare?

Jesus chastised Martha for juggling tasks rather than listening to Him. Then He praised Mary for realizing that the one necessity in life was to sit at His feet and receive His Word into her heart. Spending time with Jesus was more important than cooking a meal for the Savior. Mary made a wise choice but Martha did not.

That football Saturday, I chose Jesus. I stood still and watched the moonflowers open. With over ten feet of vine stretched across the fence, my eyes feasted on multiple blossoms. Before moonflowers bloom, they are a twisted spiral of green foliage shielding white petals. At dusk, the petals uncurl, reaching east and west like an eagle spreading its wings.

At first I treated my small adventure as an item on my bucket list. But my senses of sight and smell came alive as each flower opened, revealing the silky white center. Standing there surrounded by beauty and a delicious fragrance, Bible verses popped into my head and reminded me of God’s creation, His love, and His promises.

In times of solitude and stillness, God can speak to our hearts, reminding us that spending time with Him goes beyond our quiet time. Being too busy as Martha was causes us to miss out on time with our Savior.

Choose to be kissed by God’s splendor and recharge your relationship with Him.   

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Karen Tyner

Karen Tyner lives in South Carolina with her husband. She has been an attorney for twenty-five years. For twelve of those years, she did things her way and created a messy heart along the way. But Jesus rescued her from that stubborn independence one October day. He’s been her Savior and Friend since. In 2015, Jesus asked Karen to write down her stories, especially the many lessons He has taught her since that fateful day she opened her heart’s door and fell into His arms. She can be reached at www.joyfulonion.com.