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Trusting in Desperate Times

She had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse.  Mark 5:26 KJV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.On May 11, 2014, a mother jumped three stories from a burning building to save her infant son.

The mother was bold, uncompromising. She had no consciousness of height, depth, or self. She didn’t care how her clothes and hair looked, or who was watching. On a normal day, fire is hot and consuming. The jump alone could have killed them. However, this fire and height were just obstacles separating this mother and child from life.

Jesus encountered a desperate woman. One who had tried everything, but nothing worked. So she went to Jesus.

What is it about desperation? We ride high on Monday but low on Tuesday. When riding high, there are things we wouldn’t say or do. People who aren’t desperate are sophisticated, safe, and self-satisfied. Yet in desperate times when we are riding low, we go the distance. We will ask for anything or go anywhere. Who has time to be classy when the building is burning?

In desperation, we empty our bank accounts, seek advice from everyone, and get worse. When we’re desperate, we’ll do anything to alleviate extreme need. Desperation kills foolish pride, cockiness, and shame. In times of desperation, no one cares about gossip. Rather, we find a sense of urgency and look for any small reason to hope. We find the characteristics God intended for us to have in the first place: the willingness to cry out and trust Him. Maybe these moments sprout up to birth such urgency.

We should always expect and be ready for affliction. Whether we are distressed or in peace, we need to live with a desperate attitude. Desperation will defy isolation, consequences, complacency, and self-centeredness. It transforms hardened hearts.

Neither should we wait for desperate times before we display a heart hungry for the Lord. Be desperate for God’s love regardless of whether you ride high or low. Seek daily and desperately the everlasting grace of the Lord.

Live every day persevering to be filled with God’s calmness, courage, and confidence.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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