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In the Image

God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.  Genesis 1:27 ESV

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)Picture this image: “Where’s your cat, No-No?” Blank faces. Sneaky faces. No-No was the name of our cat who was later found in the refrigerator’s fresh fruit drawer. A cold cat—but a live one.

Perhaps … in the nick of time.

My twin sister Sharon and I, as toddlers and kids, were double trouble. Besides placing our cat in the refrigerator, there are other facts to establish this truth: A toilet clogged with diapers. Running in opposite directions in the grocery store. Mud pies in our Easy-Bake-Oven. A science fair volcano project created in our mom’s new cookware.

You get the picture. As twins, my sister and I bear a resemblance and a similarity. We were born together. Born in the same likeness. As toddlers, we even shared a twin language only speech therapy sessions could dissipate. Although we differ in some ways, we are alike in more than appearance. We are both pastor’s wives. We share common likes and dislikes in music, food, ministry, life values, and spiritual truths. There are many “me too” moments. The same night-time dreams. Same thoughts. Same comments to our mother. Same experiences—at close proximity.

There are great things about being a twin. As children, always having a partner in crime, someone to talk with, and someone to play with. There are also the not-so-great things. Always being called by your sister’s name or being asked, “Which one are you?” Being compared to the other twin and always being known as Karen and Sharon instead of just simply Karen or Sharon.

As children of God we bear a similar image. We are born in the same likeness. We bear the image of Christ, born to become like Him, not just in appearance. Sharing common likes and dislikes. Bearing the image of Jesus and having experiences with Christ—at close proximity. He never has to ask, “Which one are you?”  He knows each of us intimately, by name.

Be mindful of bearing the image of Christ, with a desire to become like Him in every way and in every area of life.

(Photo courtesy of office.microsoft.com.)

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Karen Friday

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  1. This devotion did an excellent job of bringing out the subtle realities of being made in His image, and conformed to His image. Well done! Neil Bowers