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In Prayer

This, then, is how you should pray....  Matthew 6:9-13 NIV

Sometimes we simply need to seek peace.

It has been one year since my first brain surgery. One year ago, when I couldn’t walk a straight line or hear over the internal sounds of my heartbeat, blood pumping, and footsteps. My world was so noisy, and I longed for peace and quiet.

Drilling into my head wasn’t the answer I sought. After all, God can just snap His fingers and fix things, but that wasn’t His plan. He needed me to walk a different path. He wanted to groom me for something that, well . . . is truly yet to be seen.

My prayer became pleas for protection, healing, and … peace. I wanted quiet. And if God needed me to hear that still small voice, it was impossible through all the noise.

Jesus secluded Himself at times. He felt and longed for quiet. In the thick of His ministry, thousands swamped Him, pleading for a touch of His healing. Physically and mentally, He grew weary and retreated alone to spend time in prayer with His Father. We don’t know the prayers Jesus offered up during those times. Perhaps for His compassion to remain intact, for physical strength, or for peace and quiet. But we know He needed to renew and recharge from the cries of the afflicted.

When Jesus took time to teach us prayer, the simplicity of His words were etched in our hearts. His prayer became our prayer–the one we go to when we cannot find the words. I’ve spoken that prayer hundreds of times, but this time I brought a healing and weary body to the feet of Christ. He’d protected, healed much—not all, but much—and as I sought out the peace and quiet I longed for, my prayer was,

Give me this day, Lord, my portion of bread. Please, in your mercy, forgive my sins and guide me to forgive others–even when it’s hard. Protect me from Satan and the things he entices me toward. For You, O mighty God . . . You are holy. May I be teachable and acceptant of your will in my life, especially when I do not understand the path You have me on. For, Lord God, this is YOUR kingdom from now into eternity. Amen. And Amen. (Reworded)

Take time to re-read the prayer Jesus taught, and then rewrite it to fit the cry of your own heart. He will hear and answer.

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