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Be Not Anxious

God is our refuge and strength, a very present and well-proved help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear.  Psalm 46:1-2 AMP

Photo courtesy of pixabay.A sudden and unexpected lightning strike to a major power source put the residents of the Big Apple in twenty hours of darkness.

The New York Blackout of 1977 surged with anarchy as rioting spread like a wildfire. Others remained indoors, paralyzed by fear and confusion. Historian David E. Nye believed civilization breaks down, rules are cast out, and orderliness tumbles in the course of an abrupt reality alteration like a black out. I call the alteration a force to adapt to—and no one likes force.

People endure real mental and emotional effects when they experience power outages. These expressions are defined as panic responses. Studies show that during such events many lose the ability to communicate. We imagine horrible things, and some of us get so worked up we even commit horrendous acts of violence due to the resounding stress. When things go black, health and refuge become debatable.

We all face challenges in life that reflect power outages. We experience panic responses, and begin to doubt. Things seem so dark when the lights are suddenly turned off. However, within a second or two, our eyes adjust and things don’t appear so dark after all.

When calamity raids my home, I immediately try to fix it—turn the lights back on. There’s no time to ask questions or point fingers, although most lasting solutions come from understanding the root cause.

The question is whether we want a Band-Aid or a cure? Hurrying to fix problems is greatly associated with aggravating the problem—as in trying to walk in a dark room before our eyes adjust.

God is our refuge and strength. We shouldn’t be anxious to remedy changes, troubles, or tragedies. Neither should we be anxious for anything because the lack of sight produces regrettable moments most of us spend the rest of our lives apologizing for.

Unless Divine intervention says, “Move,” be still and wait for clarity. Waiting may seem hard, but waiting is not impossible. Trust that things will gets better. God is in control, and all things are working on your behalf.

Stand still and know that God created and controls all things.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray is a Thought Catalog published author of encouraging and thought-provoking material which she transcribes in an attempt to challenge the reader to seek truth, then change. She is the wife of a correction’s officer and the mother of four peculiar yet curious children. She is an investigative researcher, a philanthropist, a member of her local church’s street ministry, a drawing artist, a motivational speaker, and a singer. She finds that being among different people, changing environments, challenging cultures, and away from comfort zones provides for the healthiest research.