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Recognize the Voice

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.  John 10:27 KJV

Photo courtesy of morguefile.When I go to the front door and yell, “Girls, come in. Supper is ready,” my two girls are the only ones who come.

Many neighborhood girls gather in my yard to play with my two daughters. I love every girl and have cleaned up their scrapes and cuts. I have taken them water on hot summer days.

But when I call my girls in for supper, the other girls keep playing. Or when I go to the door and tell my girls to come do their homework or take a bath, mine are the only ones who walk through the door. Also, if I walk outside and say, “Girls, get into the car. We are going to the store,” my girls are the only two who get into my car.

Although many girls are in the yard—and although I never mention any names—my daughters know my voice and follow me. They know mom is calling.

In the same way, when God calls with instructions, His children hear and follow. If we don’t get up and follow, we are probably not His children. Children are under the authority of their parents, and they submit to their voices. The girls that do not submit to my calls are not my children.

While all of God’s children disobey sometimes, we don’t make a habit of disobeying. My girls don’t always want to come in when I call and have kept playing. Then I have to go outside after them. After correcting them, they come in the next time I call.

Examine and be honest with yourself. Follow God’s voice when He calls. If you’re not following, repent of your sin and begin following Him today.

(Photo courtesy of morguefile.)

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Melanie Melton

Melanie Melton has been married for twenty-three years to her husband Chad, and together they have six children. Melanie has a love for the Word of God has faithfully taught it for more than fifteen years.  


  1. Loved this simple analogy that just about anyone could relate to- even children. We have to be reminded to submit to His voice.