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Let It Sink In

The Sower Sows the Word.  Mark 4:14 NKJV

To:  From: Martin Wiles, Managing Editor Thank you for your submission to Christian Devotions. We are pleased to inform you that your devotion has been accepted for publication on our website at  www.christiandevotions.us. We reserve the right to edit for grammar, clarity, word count, and format to the site. Please be aware that the date could change due to unforeseeable circumstances, but if so, we will notify you of the change. If the date is in the distant future, don’t distress. Remember, it’s God’s timing, and He has that devotion waiting for just the right person. Thank you for your tithe of talent to this ministry. Without you, we could not move forward. Please make a note of the posting date and promote the post on your social media platforms.  Your tentative post and date:   – , 2021 Kind Regards, Martin WilesThe man attended church with his family. He even came to our Bible study and participated in lively conversations. He was a great guy. Generous. Good father and husband. But he wasn’t a believer. We’ll call him Sam.

As we spent more and more time with Sam, we were fascinated to learn how much he knew about the Bible. He studied it constantly, as he said, “looking for loopholes.” He seemed determined to prove to all of us that the Scriptures were “a lot of hooey.”

As time progressed, we had fun watching his well-thought-out plan backfire. As he went about filling his head with Scripture, the Lord was busy working in Sam’s heart. Even though Sam searched with wrong motives, he still searched. And what he found was love and grace that caused all that head knowledge to sink deeply into his heart. Love and grace opened the eyes of Sam’s understanding and kindled a passion in him. He became a powerhouse for the Lord.

Mark (chapter 4) gives us the story of seed (the Word) sown in different types of soil (our heart), each type producing a different result. Since the Word only produces in “good ground,” our friend didn’t realize he was inadvertently sowing his seed and preparing the soil of his heart to receive God’s Word. When the time was right, the Word took root and produced a great harvest.

Don’t be a casual reader of the Bible. Study it. Meditate on it. Sow it into your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and lead you into the truth. Your life will never be the same.

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