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When the Plan Changes

...But Moses fled from the presence of Pharaoh and settled in the land of Midian.  Exodus 2:15 NASB

Photo courtesy of morguefile.Life gets rough sometimes. Everything seems great, and then before we know it, life falls apart.

I think that’s how Moses felt as he took a long trip through the desert. He was prince of Egypt, living in comfort and luxury—not a shepherd living in tents. Not only was it a different environment, it was also a life he wasn’t prepared for. He had no shepherding skills.

We sometimes find ourselves in such situations, and it’s difficult to handle it. We either complain about having to be a shepherd or give the excuse that we don’t have what it takes. Our attitude, though difficult, should be to work at whatever God places before us, all the while trusting in His wisdom. God always has a plan.

The only way Moses could know God was for him to leave Egypt. And though life seemed to have ended, the Lord had something greater planned.

We need to trust the Lord and walk that confusing path with our gaze on Jesus. He will propel us to greater heights when we’re faithful with everything He has handed us—however difficult. His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts not our thoughts. But they are always better that our ways and thoughts.

When God changes your plans, follow them faithfully.

(Photo courtesy of morguefile.)

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Emmanuella Ellis

Emmanuella Ellis has the desire to reach out to others using the understanding gained through the Scriptures as a tool. She has a passion for writing and pours her creativity in poems, short stories, and drama scripts. She enjoys spending time with and writing stories for children. Emmanuella is currently enrolled in a graduate program at McGill University and learning a great deal about how to spend time with God amid all the stress of academic work. She loves to spend time indoors, reading books or journals and listening to music. Emmanuella is a lover of Christ. She yearns to live each day for Him and urges others along that same path.