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Awaken Your Hunger

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  Jeremiah 29:13 NIV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.As I tossed and turned underneath the covers, I couldn’t silence my stomach screaming for nourishment.

But as days turned to weeks, my intense hunger dissipated. Initially, I was perplexed at such an outcome, considering my need for food had not been met. Eventually, I realized my stomach and body had compensated for the lack, cueing the internal alert for hunger to cease. 

I believe our walk with Christ can parallel the above. When I was baptized as a young girl, I remember the pure excitement and fervor I carried for weeks afterward. Toting around my purple backpack Bible with a cross around my neck, I made sure everyone knew I was a Christian. In time, the zeal faded. Rather than standing up for Jesus, I hid and acted as though I had never met Him.

In our world today, my pattern is not uncommon. We often become complacent and chained to routine. Religion becomes just a box to check off so we feel good about ourselves. Or we become reluctant to gain more knowledge or grow in intimacy with God.

In Scripture, we find the Lord commanding the opposite. The word “seek” is found over two hundred times in Scripture. In this context, the Hebrew word, baqash, means to pursue, search, or devote fully to something or someone. As a verb, the word requires action with no limitations or age requirements.

In a practical sense, seeking the Lord is diving into His Word and studying to find examples and answers to model our lives after. It is prayer. We can talk to God like we would a friend—anywhere or anytime. It is also plugging into and regularly fellowshipping with a community of believers.

This list is not exclusive, but regardless of our approach, we must view pursuing Christ as a priority, not a half-hearted effort. Once we awaken our hunger, it cannot be silenced or ignored.

Pray that your hunger pains will continue to grow for the Lord and His Word.

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Alisha Scroggins

Tenacious, compassionate, and beloved daughter of the King, Alisha Scroggins is a proud Wildcat basketball fan and Kentucky native. Upon completion of dual bachelor's degrees, she moved to the foothills of Virginia, where she served for three years as a middle school teacher and residential supervisor at Mountain Mission. After a sudden diagnosis of several complex medical conditions at only 24 years of age, she moved to Roanoke, where she soon became solely dependent on a tube for nutrition. Launching a blog and YouTube channel, Mess 2 Masterpiece, from her hospital room, Alisha refuses to let her diagnoses define her. Rather, she has grown more compelled to share her story of brokenness to beauty, rescuing others from the deep valleys she once found herself in. You can connect with Alisha on her website alishascroggins.com, by email at contact@alishascroggins.com, or on social media.