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Deja Vu

What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound?  Romans 6:1 ESV

I couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to remember the French I studied.

Although I went over each lesson several times, I still made the same mistakes. I reviewed what I had done wrong, but it seemed as if I repeated my faux pas. Here I go again. Would I ever learn?

We like to think that sanctification means we are less likely to sin. Then we slip and commit the same old sins again. We wonder if we will ever overcome them. Sometimes, we confuse God’s grace with fulfilling our desires. Thankfully, we can repent and confess our disobedience to God and receive His forgiveness, but we are left with the consequences of our evildoing.

The Romans struggled with wrongs they had committed before becoming Christians. Paul reminded them that if they continued to live in sin, God would not show them more grace. Somewhat like not wanting to have mud puddles when it rains. Instead, they needed to remember that because of Christ’s death they were dead to sin and had a new life to show for it.

Our struggles against wrongdoing reflect that we are adopted into God’s family. After being saved, we do not just try harder not to sin. Rather, we let God live through our lives and enable us to do the opposite of our natural impulses. And we can do this because we have new life.

Like my French lesson, I do not have to keep copying my blunders. I can start with a clean slate. I need to remind myself of my new identity as someone who is learning from my errors.

Ask God for the strength to overcome your sinful tendencies.

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Marcellus George

Marcellus George is an author and a professor of theology. He and his wife are thankful for their adopted twin sons. He enjoys writing and reflecting on all the things God has done for us in adopting us. You can connect with him on his website, "Lessons From the Adoptive Journey," at https://marcellusgeorge.com.