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Turning the World Upside Down

These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.  Acts 17:6 b KJV

Daddy was dying.

I could hear the urgent tone in his voice over the phone as he said, “Come over, Lisa. I have something to tell you.” Jesus had revealed to Daddy that I was going to make a difference. “You will minister to many people one-on-one,” he said.

Twelve years have passed, but I will never forget Daddy’s words. Three years later, I sat down beside Brenda in an eight-foot square dilapidated jail cell. She seemed an unlikely inmate, so I asked, “How did you end up here?” Brenda had committed unlawful acts.

Over the next five years, I prayed for Brenda’s salvation. Brenda is now a believer. She attends church regularly and desires to reach others for Jesus Christ. I am often reminded of Daddy’s words as I visit the ladies each week in our local jail. I open God’s Word and present the gospel, but Jesus does the work. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to regenerate these precious women. The work is His work, not mine.

I have dreamed of proclaiming the gospel to thousands of women across the country, but God gave me ten women. The ministry expanded with a new justice center in our county where I meet with thirty to forty women. I am content serving where God opens doors, even though this ministry is often challenging.  

True work is often opposed by those who do not understand or by those who resist the evidence of changed lives. The unbelieving Jews in Acts 17 opposed the work of the disciples. They took lewd fellows of the baser sort and formed a company to set the city in an uproar. They were concerned about the disciples and other new believers turning their world upside down.

Presenting the gospel is a command given to every believer. We should expect opposition, but God is faithful.

Will you strive to turn the world upside down and let God do His work from the inside out?  

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Lisa Robbins

Lisa Robbins lives in rural Tennessee with her husband of thirty-five years. She is a wife, mother, and nana of three. Lisa enjoys hunting for vintage treasures and up-cycling some of her finds. She is a Bible teacher, blogger, and writer. Lisa believes in sharing the Word of God with others because God’s truth holds the power to change lives.