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Don't Enjoy Sin's Pleasures

Rather than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin.  Hebrews 11:25 NIV

There is a story about Eskimos who kill small animals with which to hunt wolves.

This practice allows the Eskimos to have food in the cold places where they live. They kill the small animal, take a knife and dip the blade in the animal’s blood, and then let it freeze. They do this several times and then stick the handle of the knife in the ground so that when a wolf gets close enough to the knife, it can smell the animal’s blood that it wants to eat.

The wolf, thinking it is eating the animal because it can taste the animal’s blood, continues to lick the knife, not knowing the knife is cutting its tongue. Unknowingly, the wolf is licking its own blood and cutting itself to death. 

The above is a good illustration of how our flesh—our sinful nature—and the Devil entice us with sin. Whether it’s worry, drinking, drugs, gambling, porn, or other things, certain things appeal to us all—at least to a certain extent. This is true even if we are Christians, although the appeal may not be as intense.

Worry is one of my big problem areas, but it doesn’t feel good when I do. All sins have a certain amount of pleasure in them, which is what this verse warns against.

We must kick our flesh and the Devil in the teeth. With the Lord’s help, we can overcome temptation.

Don’t let sin’s pleasures entice you.

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Darrell Waters

Darrell Waters loves Jesus and wants to please Him in all he says, thinks, and does. He is legally blind and disabled but feels that devotional writing is his calling in life. Darrell sings in the choir and also specials on a singers' list in Sunday services as well as on Wednesday nights.