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Even in Hard Times God Provides

You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.  Haggai 1:6 NIV

Living paycheck to paycheck, increasing credit card debt, saving nothing, and having no plan for our financial future. This best describes finances early in my marriage.

The year 1975 brought a recession and a rising cost of living. In this financial climate, our pastor encouraged parishioners to seek God’s answers to life’s problems. When he talked about money, my ears perked up.

Holes in purses described my and my husband’s finances. Whatever money came in immediately went out—and often, more left than came in. My husband and I were quiet on the ride home. A mental debate played out in my mind: Lord, you know I am willing to tithe, but I’m sure Bob won’t be.

I broke the silence with “That was quite a sermon.”

Bob quickly responded, “Yes it was. We have tried it our way. We need to start handling our money God’s way.”

The wind had been taken out of my egocentric sails. My bluff was called. How would God provide for our needs? We decided to begin tithing with our next paycheck.

The Bible says we should give our money with joy, but to be honest, we wrote that first check with fear and trepidation. God didn’t say it would be easy. We weren’t without trials and temptations.

God provided in unexpected ways. Within six months, Bob received two pay raises. We still didn’t know how to budget. One of the first tests of our commitment was a large insurance bill. We were tempted to hold off tithing to pay the bill. God promised to provide, so we decided to trust Him for the answer. It came a few days later.

A couple we knew wanted to take a trip. They asked us to take care of their four children, age’s three to eight, as well as their three dogs and six newborn puppies. For three weeks, we lived in their home, ate their food, and drove their car. We saved money on bills and earned one hundred dollars, plus expense money.

God showered His blessings on us through hard work and a new appreciation for becoming better managers of our finances. And the insurance bill was paid on time.

Are your finances out of control? Take God up on His challenge to test Him and see what blessings He sends your way.

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Barbara Wunderlich

Barbara Wunderlich answered God's call and spent forty years as a librarian, inspiring children to read. Through her students, their parents, and her own family, she has seen God work in mysterious ways, through good as well as difficult circumstances. As a writer, she seeks to encourage others to put their trust in God and His faithfulness.