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Better with Age

God has made me laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.  Genesis 21:6 KJV

Sarah Knauss of Allentown, Pennsylvania, has been listed as the longest-living person in the United States of America.

Guinness World Records recognized Knauss as living to 119 years of age. Her family specified the reason for her longevity of life: living a peaceful and tranquil life. She never let anything get her down. And she lived through some very difficult times—The Great Depression, WW II, and The Vietnam War.

When one of my Facebook friends and close acquaintances had a birthday, I responded with a “Happy Birthday” and told her I hoped all her dreams come true.

“Well, if I have any dreams, they better come true pretty quickly,” she replied.

Apparently, my Facebook friend was concerned about her time running out. A few days later, I heard a minister remark, “Every birthday I have brings me a little bit closer to my heavenly home.”

While that may be true, God can still make this life interesting for as long as we live. Remember Sarai and how she bore a son to Abraham when she was past the age of childbearing. God let these two people enjoy parenthood and fulfill their dreams even in their golden years.

We have two Sarahs here, and they both lived a pleasant and exceptionally great and fulfilling life.

At any time of our life, things can materialize if God wills it. Even in our golden years, Christ has plenty of life to give us. When He is the center of our life, we are really living, no matter what age we are or how long we have lived.

Thank God for the life and opportunities He has given you.

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