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Not a Bear in Sight

For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.  Psalm 91:11 KJV

Photo courtesy of pixabay.What came to mind in this remote, wooded forest environment was bears—and only the Lord knows what other creatures lurked in the woods. 

I finally went camping on a beautiful fall weekend in September. Temperatures were in the low 70s. Mary, a friend of my sister Betti, offered me her cabin on a lake in New Hampshire—a place I had never camped.

Preparing to protect myself from the bears was my number one priority. I was obsessed with how to deal with a bear should it cross my path. I shopped online for pepper spray and bear noisemakers. I even entertained the idea of getting a gun, which I had never owned or even considered owning. 

Mary and Betti assured me they had never encountered bears or other dangerous animals. I should not worry, but just have a wonderful time. I packed up my necessities—without bear deterrents—and arrived safely at the cabin. I had a difficult time locating the keys. But after a series of directives from others, I was able to gain access and had a restful night. I prayed for God to put a hedge of protection around the cabin and property. 

I penned this devotion on my final day while sitting on the porch overlooking the lake. I thanked God for my time away in this peaceful and serene environment, another creation of His handiwork. And not a bear in sight.

God’s protective care does not immunize us from trouble and is not limited to certain times or places. There are bears and other creatures in the woods, but the Lord gives his angels charge over us, and that is all the protection we need. 

When a scary situation comes across your mind or path, pray Psalm 91, and a protective calm from God’s presence will surround and shield you. 

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Vicki Brownville

Vicki Brownville loves the Lord and is on a continuous mission to know Him. She received her master’s degree in theology in 2016 and is continuing her studies both informally and, hopefully, formally in the future. She is a deacon at her church and facilitates a 12-step Christian ministry, which ministers to those who are caught in the cycle of addiction and hurt. She loves bringing Christ’s message of hope to those who are hurting and primarily to those who do not know the Lord. She lives with her husband, Charles, and their two rescue cats, Hannah and Gretchan.


  1. Vicki - I loved that message and psalm 91 - thank you for sharing it with me

  2. Beautiful, God sure has Blessed you. Stay Blessed