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Overcoming Days of Discouragement

Meanwhile, the people in Judah said, "The strength of the laborers is giving out, and there is so much rubble that we cannot rebuild the wall."  Nehemiah 4:10 NIV

Writing the book took two years of research.

Several times during those years, I felt like giving up because the task seemed too big and daunting. Discouragement almost—almost—caused me to quit.

Discouragement is a universal, transgenerational dilemma. Even the ancient Israelites felt it when Nehemiah tasked them with rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall after it had been destroyed by the Babylonians. The Israelites, under Nehemiah’s direction, kept at it day and night because they had a mind to work.

Then on Day 26 of the 52-day project, discouragement set in. The workers saw the enormity of the project, and it overwhelmed them. Their initial enthusiasm to get the job done waned. They became discouraged. They complained. And they almost gave up.

Discouragement typically sets in midway through a project—even a godly project. At first, we’re enthusiastic …  eager to get started. We get a lot done as we plug away with abandon. Then halfway through, the newness wears off. The enormity of the task looms large, and our strength lags. We become fatigued—mentally, physically, spiritually.

At that moment, we need to step away (if we’re able). We should take a break and put some distance between us and the project. We can mentally and physically replenish by taking long walks or runs, sitting quietly in a park, or listening to uplifting music. We can also take extra time to pray, meditate, read God’s Word, read an inspirational book, and worship.

Once restored, we have the strength to get going again. We have a renewed heart and fresh energy to tackle what God has called us to do.

Days of discouragement will come, but God will help you overcome.

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