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Dance Lesson

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.  Philippians 2:13 NLT

From across a dance floor during my junior year, I watched one of the few fellows I hadn't danced with—and had no plans to.

He knew how to partner dance, and it seemed all the girls he'd danced with did too. Unlike me. I only danced in free style. In that era of Saturday Night Fever, when everyone with two good legs did the hustle, I was the girl who didn't. Who couldn't. Time after time, I had tried dancing with a partner, but my lack of skill made it look as if I were boxing with the guy instead. When I wasn't trampling his feet, I was stumbling over my own.

As the next tune played, I looked away from Mr. Greatest Dancer and set out for the punch bowl. That's when he jumped up, dashed forward, took my hand as I passed, and said, “Let's dance!” I was terrified.

But I didn't pull away. I walked with him to the center of the dance floor and, within moments, discovered my legs and feet heading in all the right directions. Whenever he flicked a wrist, turned an arm this way or that, I moved in response—forward, backward, sideways, swirling, twirling. In sync with my partner, I found myself dancing as I had never danced before.

That graceful girl flying across the floor with fabulous feet was me having fun on top of fun. Finally, at the punch bowl after our dance, I considered what had just happened. Yes, those were my feet. But it was my partner's skill that made them fabulous. He knew how to lead.

I also have realized that my life's accomplishments, abilities, and talents—those things that come easily to me without thinking—testify to God's genius and skill, not mine. In all the steps of our lives, the Spirit's leadership is flawless. He is the Greatest Dancer.

God wants to open our eyes to see how He works in our lives. He helps us do all kinds of things we could not do on our own. He wants us to see that what we once thought was just us was Him.

What are some ways you can better observe God’s dancing in your life?

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.)

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Melodie Kenniebrew

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