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Worth the Wait

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14 NRSV

Thinking I was well into my twenty-three-minute exercise workout, I pushed the pause button on the TV remote to see how many more minutes remained until I could fling myself on the couch.

My strength had run out, weariness had set in, and quitting seemed like an excellent option. Backing out of my commitment to get in shape was looking like an attractive option as well. My temptation to quit became an embarrassment when I realized I was only eight minutes into the routine.     

We can become impatient while en route to our goals, overly anxious to reach the end. If we’re too focused on our destination, we may not realize that through the process of waiting, we’re building strength, perseverance, and character. I suspect God is more interested in what we learn along the way than the result itself.          

Waiting on God for answers is more challenging than waiting for an exercise program to end, especially if it’s a long wait. Imagine what Abraham and Sarah experienced while waiting for Isaac, the son God promised them. They took matters into their own hands after waiting twenty-five years for God’s plan A to come to pass and instead activated Plan B, which brought forth Ishmael.         

After a long wait, it can be tempting to press the pause button, throw in the towel, or take matters into our own hands. But Plan A is well worth waiting for if we’ll only be patient. The word wait is the Hebrew word qawah and means to expect, to patiently wait, to hope.         

God keeps His promises, and His plan is perfect. While you're waiting on God, be on the lookout for the answer and patiently expect the fulfillment of the promise that’s on the way.           

As you wait, be strong and take heart. God is a God of suddenness and surprises. It might seem as if He's waiting for the last minute, but He's never late.

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Therese Marszalek

Therese is an ordained minister, inspirational speaker, and freelance writer whose passion is bringing hope and healing through Jesus Christ and His Word. Her books include 40 Days, 40 Days Devotional JournalFrom the Wilderness to the MiraculousExtraordinary Miracles in the Lives of Ordinary People, and Miracles Still Happen. She delights in being a mother of three grown children and “Glamma” to four beautiful grands. You can find more info at her web site: www.theresemarszalek.net.