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Cared for by God

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.  Matthew 10:29 NIV

The phone rang at my desk. My manager wanted to see me right away.

The call sounded unusual. Curious, I strode into his office and sat. He thanked me for my work and proceeded to say the organization had restructured and eliminated my position. He handed me an envelope with a severance package to review, told me to collect my belongings, and sent me home.

I left, stunned. My life revolved around my job. My work required my input. It could not continue without me . . . or so I thought. Once I got home, tears streamed down my face. My daily work routine had shattered. No one from work called to ask about the tasks I had planned to complete. I felt I had no value or worth without my job.

Inwardly, I knew the importance of my relationship with God. Outwardly, I lived for myself. As I poured myself into a new job search, I also reflected on my position as a child of God. I remembered how God values me far more than sparrows.

During the time of Jesus, the poor would buy the least expensive birds for food. The lowest valued coin could buy two sparrows. Jesus told of how God cares for the sparrows, saying that not one sparrow dies without God knowing. God values a person made in His image far more than an inexpensive bird. God knows our great worth.

I felt worthless after losing my job, but God saw me as valuable. I thought my life had ended, but in many ways, it had just begun. In God’s time, He provided a new and better job. With this hard lesson, I hope always to remember how much God cares for me. And I have seen that God will provide for me, even if I lose my job.

What truth can you embrace about the great value God places on you?

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Caroline Hales

Caroline Hales is a project manager, a student at Dallas Theological Seminary, and a freelance writer. She has an adorable niece in California who teeters as she toddles. Her passion to share Christ with others has progressively grown while serving in church ministry roles including evangelism and women’s ministry. She lives in Ontario, Canada.