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Flashlight Messaging System

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  Jeremiah 29:12 NIV

Growing up, my cousin lived next door to me, and her bedroom window faced mine.

One day, we thought it would be fun to communicate with each other at night by using flashlights. We grew up in a time before cell phones, so flashlights seemed like a good idea. We spent hours thinking about what different patterns of flashing light would mean, practicing these new “light words” and deciding what time each night we would send these messages. We were so proud of ourselves for figuring out a way to talk to each other after dark.

I was so excited when nighttime finally came. I should have been sleeping, but there was no time for that. I had important messages to send and receive. I watched the clock and waited patiently (well maybe not that patiently) until our agreed-upon time. Then I pulled out my trusty flashlight and sent my first message. My cousin was there just as we had planned, and she quickly sent a message back.

Our plan worked . . . sort of. We spent the next fifteen minutes flashing our lights back and forth, never actually understanding what the other person was saying. After a while, we both gave up, put away the flashlights, and went to sleep. The next day, we laughed about how we had no idea what messages we were sending or receiving and decided that a flashlight messaging system wasn’t the best idea after all.

Communication wasn’t easy back then, especially when using a flawed flashlight system. Even now with our always-connected lives, it can still prove difficult. Thankfully, communicating with God doesn’t have to be complicated.

When we pray, God hears us, and when we read His Word, we can hear Him. When we have a humble heart and a right relationship with God, this two-way communication is always open, day or night, and no flashlights are required.

God desires a close relationship with us, and like any good relationship, communication is key. What a blessing to know God is only a prayer and a Bible away.

How can you improve your communication with God?

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