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Never Satisfied

But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.  John 4:14 KJV

I once heard a pastor tell his congregation how he wanted a fancy car when he was in Bible college.

He told them how he had sold several vehicles by buying one and selling it for enough money to buy another car and then selling it. He enjoyed getting the money from the sale, but he didn’t like the vehicles he bought—or at least he didn’t like having the car for long.

One day, he finally bought the nice car he had wanted for so long. But after two weeks, he lost his excitement about it too. Through his experience, the Lord taught him that material things never satisfy, nor can money.

We all need to remember that nothing can fulfill us as Jesus can and does. This is what Jesus told the woman at the well.

Jesus needed to go through Samaria. His disciples were probably shocked over this because the Jews hated the Samaritans. But Jesus went because of this woman. She had been looking for love in so many wrong places.

Following her example is easy. We look for satisfaction in the wrong places. This can even happen to us as Christians, just as it did to the pastor who craved that special car. 

Ask God to help you keep Him as the ultimate focus of your life. 

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Darrell Waters

Darrell Waters loves Jesus and wants to please Him in all he says, thinks, and does. He is legally blind and disabled but feels that devotional writing is his calling in life. Darrell sings in the choir and also specials on a singers' list in Sunday services as well as on Wednesday nights.