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Preparing for God’s Purpose

As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.  Ephesians 4:1 NIV

It was dark when I came to a stop sign at a “T” intersection.

In front of me was the babysitter’s house where twenty-two years ago my baby left her home in an ambulance, unconscious. At the hospital, I learned he had suffered a massive brain hemorrhage, along with bilateral retinal hemorrhage. He was diagnosed with non-accidental trauma. The licensed daycare provider had moved years ago, but as I sat there, God made everything clear. He wanted to use my story to help others.

Just moments earlier, my friend and I had left a women’s ministry event. Watching those women share their testimony inspired me. I wanted to share some unimaginable things that can happen even when we trust the hands we leave our precious babies with. I wanted to bring hope to others who felt as if they were powerless against the scariest moments in their lives, such as when Child Protective Services falsely accuses you.

As my friend and I shared, I pulled over because what came over me was like a bolt of lightning—kind of scary, but also spectacular and amazing. I found myself praising God for His mighty work and for revealing His will for me.

John Maxwell says we’ll know what our purpose is when we finally come across the thing that makes us cry. I had. I had been speaking for years on the dangers of shaking a baby, but God now wanted me to share a mom’s perspective of being falsely accused and of navigating the broken system designed to protect our children.

My son and I endured and overcame this unimaginable time in our life, and God put us in the palm of His hand. Paul reminds us that God has a purpose for each one of His children, and God wants us to live out that purpose.

Have you discovered God’s purpose for your life?

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Catherine Paour

Catherine Paour recalls the day a hole was ripped through her heart when her four-month-old son suffered a traumatic brain injury at his babysitter’s house. The hole became even more painful when she was falsely accused. She had been sharing her story for years when she got the shocking diagnosis of having a real hole in her heart at the age of fifty-five. After open-heart surgery to repair the nearly three-inch hole in her heart, her purpose emerged. Closing her heart was a gift that helped her to open her heart, sharing her stories with hope, happiness, and humor. Her goal is to inspire other women to connect the dots to discover the purpose for which God has prepared them. Catherine is a contributing author for two books that released in the fall of 2020, loves public speaking, and enjoys being a podcast guest. She plays the piano and ukulele to calm her heart. She loves supporting women by sharing her leadership and creative gifts over Zoom with Christian writers (www.writingthewaves.net) and small business owners. Learn more about Catherine at www.holeheartedpurpose.com.