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She Is Pleased

Let your father and mother be glad; let her who bore you rejoice.  Proverbs 23:25 ESV

She'll be ninety-six this year.

My mother has good genes, and I believe her longevity is a part of that. Though she lives in an assisted living facility, Mom's health is perfect, and her creativity in quilting still wows everyone (she turns out a queen-sized quilt every other month). My brother and I are fortunate that Mom does so well. We call her “near perfect,” short of a little selective hearing. At ninety-five, she's earned that.

Recently we were chatting about children. Mom sat quietly listening as I rambled about our boys and grands. After a bit, she looked up from her quilting and smiled.

“You know, I'm very proud of you and your brother. You've raised your children to be fine, independent adults. They can stand on their own, and they're successful and happy. That makes me so proud. Guess I did something right, heh?”

The writer of Proverbs took the time to mention the importance of parents. He wanted the people to know the value of a good mother and father. Throughout Proverbs, he reminds us not to shame our mothers, but that children should bring their mothers joy. It was a nod to the time and love mothers invested in their children.

My mother has always been a wonderful mom. She invested not only in my brother and me but also in our friends. Our home was always open to the “strays,” as Dad jokingly called them, who spent countless hours hanging out with our family. Mom was a mother to many who needed the support they didn't receive in their own homes.

To say that my brother and I are proud of her is one thing, but to have Mom say she is proud of us brings a new meaning to the word. She glanced at her wall of family photos and smiled. “I'm pleased.”

This Mother’s Day, allow time for your mom to breathe you into her heart. Let her enjoy the person you've become. Show her your smile, your happiness, and your faith. Allow her to see the reward of her efforts. She will be pleased. She can rejoice.

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