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Is Singleness a Calling?

Only, let each one live the life which the Lord has assigned him, and to which God has called him [for each person is unique and is accountable for his choices and conduct, let him walk in this way]. This is the rule I make in all the churches.  1 Corinthians 7:17 AMP

I have been single for over half my life—not out of choice but because God hasn’t brought anyone into my life.

I have prayed and wondered why. I have asked all the questions but to no avail. We all have callings on our lives—pastors and teachers—so why not singleness?

As a single, my first thoughts are of pure devotion to God. I don’t have to share my time with anyone else. I am committed to doing God’s kingdom work and ministry. I have more time for Bible study, volunteer work, retreats, and prayer with no one to interrupt me. Marriage requires balancing our time between all we do, which means we have less time for some things related to God’s kingdom because we are doing spouse duties.

God is a single person’s spouse. He is the head of our home, the spiritual leader, the one on whom we can depend. He is our all because we have no one else. Our love for Him grows deeper with each passing day. He becomes our best friend, the one in whom we can confide. He is our provider, and no one else can replace Him—not even a spouse.

Paul instructs us to live as God has called us and not attempt to do otherwise. When we take matters into our hands, we often mess things up and get out of God’s will.

Has God called you to singleness? Or perhaps He has called you to wait for His timing for a mate.

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Risa Owens

Risa Owens is a Alabama native who was raised in the Gulf Coast Region of Alabama but now resides in the East Central part of the state. She is an author/speaker and single mother to one daughter and grandmother to one granddaughter. Risa's passion is telling others about her faith and love for Jesus and His many blessings in her life. She writes to glorify Jesus, to share His message, and to share a piece of her heart and love for Jesus.